7 Tools to Make Better Use of Twitter Lists

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Yesterday, I posted about the growing popularity of Twitter Lists and some of the many ways Twitter users are putting Lists through the paces.

Today, we’re focusing on tools available to help you do more with Twitter Lists. So, if you’re ready to work Lists into your daily activity but aren’t sure where to start, this one is for you.



A conversationlist is a daily Twitter List of the people that you talk to frequently on Twitter. You create your conversationlist through the site, then view and manage your List with any other Lists you follow. You can also customize your list by setting the maximum number of members, identifying people you always (or never) want on the list and more.

DoesFollow – Lists


A way to check if a Twitter user is a member of a certain List without having to scroll through the members of a List. Just enter the list name and the user’s name.

ListiMonkey (formerly Listiti)


ListiMonkey allows you to subscribe to get hourly updates or daily digests of any public List. You can also use it to subscribe to certain keywords from a List, or all of the tweets from any user. There is also a link to the most popular Lists, which is a great starting point if you’re looking for Lists to follow.



Listomatic is a Twitter List manager for your contacts. You can drag-and-drop contacts into any of your Twitter Lists, as well as search for users to add to Lists.



A Twitter List directory that’s searchable and separated by categories and tags. You can add your own Lists to the directory, and view Lists you are a member of.

Twitter List Widget

List Widget

Create a widget showing the tweets of your favorite List, and display it on your web site, blog or other social network. You can customize the size, colors and number of tweets to display.

Twitter Lists 2 RSS

Lists to RSS

A straightforward service that will convert any public Twitter List into an RSS feed.

What do you use to manage your Twitter Lists?

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