By Harry Fuecks

Top 20 IT mistakes to avoid: Underestimating PHP

By Harry Fuecks

Nice article over at Infoworld: The top 20 IT mistakes to avoid in particular point 18: Underestimating PHP;

IT managers who look only as far as J2EE and .Net when developing scalable Web apps are making a mistake by not taking a second look at scripting languages — particularly PHP. This scripting language has been around for a decade now, and millions of Yahoo pages are served by PHP each day.

Others can’t be repeated enough like “11. Developing Web apps for IE only” and sound advice like “15. Never sweating the small stuff”;

CTOs and CIOs like to talk about the strategic application of technology, but ignoring basic tactical issues can lead to simple but extremely costly mistakes. Missing a $30 domain name registration payment can be enough to grind your business to a halt. In one notorious example, last February a missed payment by The Washington Post knocked out employee e-mail for hours until the renewal was paid.

Something to leave lying conspicuously around the office…

  • Something to leave lying conspicuously around the office…

    Now that is an awesome idea :)

  • Ouch, that one hurts when I think about our company as a whole, but not in my little backyard ;)

  • Hmmm, I do wonder about these types of comments. The first a foremost mistake in IT is expenditure? How much money has been wasted in poorly planned, misguidance, technologies, implementations and maintenance of IT projects? I guarantee PHP has made its mark on many large organisations, but is it the most appropriate language for all scenarios, obviously not.

  • andre

    that’s why it just said “don’t underestimate PHP.” it didn’t say “use php always” :)

  • Good to hear that PHP is close to achieving the admiration & scope it truly deserves. I started out as a C++/Java Programmer. I truly believed that there was no other language capable of what Java/C could accomplish…. WRONG! PHP is a serious language & is astonishingly easy-to-learn.

    The other shocking truth is how quickly an application can be assembled using PHP.

    You dont have to be a guru from day one! And the bonus is it’s pretty easy to master PHP within a short period of time.

  • Perl, PHP, ASP(Vbs) etc. these Web script languages are face to be eliminated causes are J2EE and .NET.
    certainly not, web apps develpment prefer to do practicably than strategically.

  • Dorsey

    I love the LAMP model, but until a major vendor or integration company gets behind it, it will remain relegated to the “toy” or “amateur” position in the minds of executives responsible for “serious” systems. And, no major vendor or system integrator will get behind it until there is money to be made in repackaging and reselling it. The fundamental flaws with LAMP are that it’s just too simple to install, quick to develop with, and easy to maintain – that’s not how the big boys make their money, thus it’s not in their best interest to recommend it.

    I know the above sounds cynical, but I also know from personal experience consulting for world-wide integration companies that those are the facts of life. For another example, look at monster, hotjobs, and dice, which are where larger companies post job ads, to see how little demand there is for PHP and MySQL.

    As I said, I love LAMP, but it will remain marginalized until it becomes costly and complicated to purchase, install, and maintain.

  • momos

    I hope apple will start pushing it… as AMPA maybe?

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