Giveaway time! Timeneye Pro Plan 5-year subscription

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Win a 5-year, $900 worth Pro Plan at Timeneye, a time tracking web app (/iOS/Android/WinPhone)!

Using a simple interface, you can track the time spent on different projects (and even billable hours) and generate and export complete reports.


Background on Timeneye

Timeneye is a time tracking and time reporting web app made with usability in mind; it is extremely easy to use and to set up, so that employees will really enjoy it and project managers won’t have to keep reminding them to enter their timesheet.

To achieve this, Timeneye keeps its interface essential and non-invasive, giving users the possibility to track time from the web-app, from the iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile apps, or from the Timeneye Crome Extension.

Timeneye gives its best when integrated with Basecamp: it is the only time tracking tool that allows Basecamp users to track time directly from there, just adding the time spent on each to-do as a comment on the to-do itself: Timeneye syncs with Basecamp and pulls these time entries, making them readily available for reports.

Timeneye can be tried for free. After the trial, there are monthly plans for each type of company (pricing depending on the number of projects used).

What makes a time tracking app really worth your time?


Here are what we think of the time tracking app features which make it worth checking out.

  1. Mobile support – native apps on android and ios.
  2. Basecamp Integration – pulls time from there automatically.
  3. Clean Reports – daily overviews and time breakdowns/graphs.
  4. Reminders – alerts reminding you of time tracking.

How to win your 5-year subscription

Follow the instructions below to take a free trial and be in to win the prize!


  1. Activate a free trial on Timeneye.
  2. Send the coupon code to together with your username.

Find out more

Visit and Follow @timeneye on Twitter.

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