Thanksgiving for the self-employed

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Well, it’s Thanksgiving here in the USA, a great day to give thanks for all we have (and drink and eat a lot, too; I must confess to being a bit buzzed on champagne while escaping from in-laws to write this).

In terms of business, here is what I am thankful for:

– Being 100% in control of my own destiny. I get out what I put in.

– Not having to report to a boss that I don’t respect.

– My commute is 15 seconds, from my bedroom to my office.

– Lots of clients, instead of just one employer.

– No risk of a random layoff from an executive team that neither knows nor cares about me.

– I can choose my own clients and assignments.

– In this world of broadband and virtual teams, I can call on world-class resources anytime from anywhere.

– A network of top notch resources and business partners to keep rolling out and testing new ideas.

– My time is my own. If I want to work at 6 am, walk the dogs at 11 am, play tennis at noon, and work again in the afternoon (or see a matinee of Sponge Bob with my son, or go to the beach), I can!

Life is good, and I am thankful.

How about you?

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