Testing in Safari without a Mac

    Simon Willison

    iCapture by Daniel Vine is a service I would have sold my granny for if it had been available before I switched to using a Mac. It allows anyone to enter the URL of a site and download a screenshot of that site as viewed in Safari, with other Mac specific browsers on the way. And unlike BrowserCam, it’s a free service!

    For a less accurate but more flexible alternative PC users might want to check out KDE 3.2. Released last week, this new version of the popular Linux desktop environment includes an updated version of Konqueror which incorporates many of the improvements to the KHTML engine made by the Safari development team. Konqueror certainly won’t provide a perfect environment for Safari compatibility testing but it’s better than nothing. Best of all, as soon as Knoppix is updated to include KDE 3.2 PC users will be able to test with the latest version of Konqueror without having to install Linux first.