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    Aleczander Gamboa

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    Good news readers: SitePoint has partnered up with Squarespace to offer you an exclusive discount with your first purchase.

    Simply use the coupon code “SITEPOINT” for 10% off your first purchase.

    An all-in-one platform that’s for everyone

    If you’ve ever thought about revamping your digital presence, look no further than Squarespace. Their unique all-in-one platform means you can say goodbye to the days of installing, patching and upgrading your website.

    You’ll also look like an expert right from the start with their diverse array of award-winning templates to help you put your best face forward.

    That includes completely customizable layouts, mobile-optimized designs, a free professional email address for one year and a 24/7 support wherever you are.

    In the words of Vito Corleone from The Godfather, it’s an offer you can’t refuse. So whether you’re a developer, entrepreneur, photographer or creative-slashie, Squarespace is the platform to consider.

    You can learn more about Squarespace and what they have to offer here. Remember to use coupon code “SITEPOINT” for 10% off your first purchase.