SitePoint’s 2015 Survey: The Results

Ophelie Lechat
Ophelie Lechat

Thanks to everyone who filled out our SitePoint Survey! A staggering 1,451 people took the time to reply. Your survey answers and comments are invaluable.

The winner of the iPad Air has been emailed, and the prize is on its way!

Now, let’s have a quick look at the survey results…

JavaScript Wins

An overwhelming majority of SitePoint readers are interested in JavaScript — 78% of respondents said they wanted to read more JavaScript content on SitePoint, closely followed by CSS. Responsive design was another top topic of interest.

Most survey respondents want to see more tutorials on SitePoint. We’re happy to oblige, since tutorials have always been our top priority.

In second place, video content was the next popular request. While we’ve focused our video efforts on Learnable, our online learning platform, we’re also hard at work on producing more video content this year. Stay tuned!

Newsletters and Forums

The most popular SitePoint offering? Our newsletters, including Versioning our daily update for web developers.

Keen to keep the discussion going? You might like to visit the all-new SitePoint Forums. This week, we’re talking about the difficulties of going from newbie developer to employable coder, and discussing the pros and cons of dependency injection.