By Melinda Szasz

SitePointMarket.com: Find Clients for Your Web Business with This Free Trial!

By Melinda Szasz

If you’re a freelancer or run your own online business, SitePointMarket.com offers a new way to promote your services, find more customers, and grow your business.

One of the biggest challenges facing web developers and designers today is extending your client base. SitePointMarket.com provides an opportunity to do so in a cost-effective way,  with its ever-growing community of web design and development professionals.

Creating a listing is easy, where you can quickly add the services you offer to a variety of categories, from Web Development to Marketing, Content Writing to SEO.


Once your listing is live, the ever-growing list of prospective customers can easily browse the products and services you have on offer. Plus, unlike other websites, we only charge a small listing fee and no commissions whatsoever—so you can concentrate on winning the deal and not forking out your earnings!

To welcome the SitePoint community to our new marketplace, we’d like to give you the opportunity to try it for yourself and add a 30-day listing at no charge! This offer closes in 7 days and applies to the “Find People” section, so get in quick!

Head on over to SitePointMarket.com now and take advantage of this free listing!

important:Handy Tips

If you need some help creating your listing,  follow these easy steps:

1. Create a catchy headline—keep it short and to the point.
2. Add your location and increase your ability to rank higher for localized searches; for example, “SEO expert Chicago.”
3. Click the Facebook “Like” button on your listing to let your friends and followers find you.
4. Ask your best clients to visit your listing and “post a public comment” (a good one, of course).

  • Trademark Litigation

    If you are a web developer looking for fresh challenges to tackle, then this is a site you should really consider visiting. SitePoint Market is where people from all over the world can list open projects for experienced developers to volunteer their services, and carry them to completion.

    The development of apps, the design of sites and the creation of original web content are just three of the featured categories.

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