SitePoint Ambassador of the Month: January 2016

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The month of December was a quiet one on the Ambassador front. Everyone was looking forward to the End of Year Holidays. Well, almost everyone. A few of our fellow Ambassadors took advantage of the quiet time and racked activity after activity. Chief among them, and the winner of the Ambassador of the Month for January, is our one and only Thomas Greco.

Thomas Greco

Thomas is a full stack web developer living and working in the Big Apple (that’s New York City for the rest of the world). Although he started his career doing graphic design, he has a special passion for JavaScript. Thomas found a treasure of resources and information on SitePoint Premium (back then Learnable), which helped him to polish his skills to his current level. In return, he decided to help other people follow the same path.

The results are over a dozen published articles on SitePoint, as well as several instructional videos available in the SitePoint Premium library. We asked Thomas about his involvement at SitePoint:

Now, I’m lucky enough to propose different content that I find interesting, and prepare it so that tens of thousands of students can gain from it. Each day I work to write articles and record videos so that those who wish to learn programming can be provided with solid material.

At first, teaching truly did seem like a daunting task, as it leaves very little room for error. But with great risk comes great rewards, and it feels great to have my name attached to work that has really helped people.

As a result of my past work at SitePoint, I was lucky enough to become a SitePoint Ambassador during a time of closed enrollment. Since joining, my involvement here at SitePoint has only increased (a great deal of this is due to our Slack channel). I’ve been lucky enough to build relationships with not only my superiors, but also different writers and video contributors all over the world. This has been my favorite part. Having said that, I highly recommend applying for the Ambassador program to all of our readers who are interested in learning about technologies and wish to share the good word of SitePoint!

​Why thank you Thomas! It’s always inspiring to hear the stories of fellow contributors.

Feel free to follow Thomas on his website and Twitter.

​Furthermore, with 2015 behind us, we take a look back at the past year which marked the genesis of the Ambassador program. To illustrate this, I have created a small infographic depicting the impact of Ambassadors in 2015. I hope you enjoy it! (You can click to enlarge it.)

Ambassador 2015 Infographic

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Elio is a open source designer and founder of Ura Design. He coordinates community initiatives at SitePoint as well. Further, as a board member at Open Labs Hackerspace, he promotes free software and open source locally and regionally. Elio founded the Open Design team at Mozilla and is a Creative Lead at Glucosio and Visual Designer at The Tor Project. He co-organizes OSCAL and gives talks as a Mozilla Tech Speaker at various conferences. When he doesn’t write for SitePoint, he scribbles his musings on his personal blog.

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