By Melinda Szasz

Sexy up those Ugly Web Forms with CSS Guru Russ Weakley

By Melinda Szasz

A pretty juicy title … for what is a pretty special opportunity for CSS fans! Check out what’s going on over at Learnable …

Russ Weakley, a respected CSS guru, has helped thousands of students learn the ins-and-outs of CSS in his online courses Getting Started with CSS and Practical CSS. He’s recently completed his newest course which deals with what can be one of the hardest aspects of CSS – making ugly web forms look good!

It’s called – Styling Forms with CSS.

On Friday August 5th, as a special treat just for the first group to take the new course, Russ Weakly is running two 1-hour LIVE Q&A SESSIONS. This is your only opportunity to chat with Russ Weakley LIVE online, ask him your questions about the course, and watch him answer them (and even write the code!) before your very eyes!

styling-forms-css-previewThe course focuses on HTML form layout (one of the most dreaded tasks in web design) and shows you exactly how Russ tackle’s it. Using these techniques, you’ll get professional-looking forms every time, gain a deeper understanding of CSS layout — and have fun doing it!

If you want to be ready for the live Q&A, you’ll want to start the course right away. You’ll get:

  • 8 lessons
  • 44 videos
  • access to the live Q&A streams on August 5 (and the recordings afterward)

All for just $29.95! Enroll now to avoid missing out!

To get things going for the Live Q&A – we’d love to hear what questions you’d like to ask Russ in the interactive session. Simply leave a comment here – and we’ll send them off to Russ.

ALSO – the best question posed to Russ (as selected by Kevin Yank our chief instructor and in-house web-head) will be given a complimentary enrollment to the course (and Q&A session)

  • C’mon all you SitePointers and CSSers :) What questions would you ask like to ask Russ about CSS? Your question could get you a free enrolment to his latest course.

  • Alex Hall

    I have always wondered, what is the most semantic way to markup a form? I’ve seen so many different variations from tables (bleurggh!!) to ordered or even definition lists. Is there a “most” semantic way to markup a form?

  • You forgot to mention that at the end of the course I visit every course attendee’s house and yell at them, boot-camp style, till they master styling forms under pressure. “You call that a well styled form?” etc… There will be blood, sweat and tears!

  • Nice one Russ :)

  • 69developer

    Would like to know as you progress through the form, would like to high light the form field that is currently being edited with CSS?

  • Here’s one, is it possible, via pseudo selectors to style form elements? Specifically, I’d like to style a SELECT element with a unactive style and an active style. Unactive is the default, whilst active is displayed if anything other than the default value is selected?

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