September 2011: Random jQuery, JavaScript, and Web Dev Finds

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Hi! Today’s post is a list of a few jQuery, JavaScript & Web Development things I have found around the internet in the last month or so (August & September 2011). Some useful, some interesting and some not so useful but very entertaining! Definately worth the share to the blog. Enjoy! :)

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Web Browser iPad

This is pretty cool. It’s an attempt at creating a web based iPad. Not all the features have been implemented yet but it’s good nevertheless.
Web Browser iPad

Transform.js Innovative Animations

2D and 3D transforms as regular CSS properties you can set using .css() and animate using .animate().
Transform.js Innovative Animations

MRI DOM Selector Tool

Could assist for finding selectors for your DOM elements.
MRI DOM Selector Tool

Create your own Loading Spinner with jQuery

David up to his old tricks. Nice demo!
Loading Spinner with jQuery

jQuery Golablisation Plugin

Could be useful for multi-language support.
Golablisation Plugin

Testing jQuery.fn.each vs Native Loop

This is pretty cool, it’s a script in jsFiddle which tests the jQuery.fn.each vs Native Loop for speed.
jQuery.fn.each vs Native Loop

IE Cookies Tool

Says what it does.
IE Cookies Tool

Online JavaScript Debugger – jsHint

I’ve been using this one for a while now, it’s pretty good so thought it was worth the share!

JavaScript reform.js

The Reform library attempts to provide a solid set of functions for encoding output for the most common context targets in web applications (e.g. HTML, XML, JavaScript, etc). The library also takes a conservative view of what are allowable characters based on historical vulnerabilities, and current injection techniques.
JavaScript reform.js

Send Text Msg Using jQuery

Using PHP to send a text msg.
Text Msg Using jQuery

jQuery Flexible Slider

Freebie from Smashing Magazine.
jQuery Flexible Slider

jQuery Point Point Plugin

As you move your mouse it moves the arrow to point to the target element!
jQuery Point Point Plugin

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