Sep 5, 2006 News Wire

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  • A fascinating project, G4jsf allows Google Web Toolkit (GWT) applications to run as JavaServer Faces (JSF) components within a Java web application. Though counter-intuitive, this match actually makes a lot of sense, as demonstrated in this detailed article.
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  • An exciting example of harnessing people power. This “game” gives you and a partner 90 seconds to provide labels for images for use by Google Image Search. If your labels match your partner’s, you win points. Built with Google Web Toolkit.
  • If you have some spare time between now and the end of the year, the Open Web Application Security Project is offering financial sponsorships (up to US$5,000) for people willing to contribute to many of its projects that foster web application security.
  • The release candidate of the .NET Framework 3.0 (also known as WinFX) is now available for download from Microsoft.
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  • Accessibility consultant Joe Clark reports on mounting anger over the inaccessibility of Canadian ticket retailer Ticketmaster’s site. An article points to inaccessible CAPTCHA checks, while two people have filed a lawsuit against the company,
  • With more thoughts on the Google Image Labeler “game”, the O’Reilly Radar blog points to video footage from a June 2006 Google talk regarding this sort of game. Some of the numbers surrounding the manpower that can be harnessed are astounding.
  • Speaking of astounding numbers, Ryan Campbell discovers some unexpectedly bad performance in his JavaScript code that relies heavily on Prototype convenience features like Enumerables. Think twice before relying too heavily on a JS library!
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