The Difference Between Git and GitHub

By Thom Parkin

Are you new to Git or Github?

This introductory video is here to help you understand the difference between Git and GitHub. The meaning of pull requests, forks, pages and other GitHub lingo.

Watch as Thom explains the benefits and features of GitHub. Learn about how to get started with a public repository on GitHub through our video demonstration.

For a bit more on the subject, here’s a guide to getting started with Git, a guide to getting started with Git in a team environment. For a look at version control more broadly, here’s a look at how diffs can make the concept more clear, and here’s a guide to your best options for version control in 2014.

And for more great content like this, visit the Hub, run by our friends at Learnable!

Meet the author
A self-proclaimed ParaHacker and avid Logophile, Thom has been writing software since the days when ALL telephones had wires. Leaving Fortran and COBOL behind and having become bored with Java, Thom is currently a Serial Rails Developer living in The Sunshine State. When not working on Open Source projects, developing articles and tutorials for Learnable, or helping to manage the Sitepoint Forums as a Team Leader, Thom is playing Euro-Games. With a reputation for puns and wordplay, Thom calls himself an avid Logophile and Polyphiloprogenitive Programming Polyglot.
  • Chu Quang Tú

    I think Git is Git, and Github this some kind of Git repositories hosting service :D So what’s the really problems here ?

    • Sarin G

      Thank you so much. It is irritating to waste too much time just trying to find out simple answers.

  • Mark Anthony Laureta

    The video you provided cleared out my confusion between those two jargon. Thanks!


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