On Our Radar This Week: 2014 review and 2015 resolutions

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Welcome to the year 2015! The year that, according to Back to the Future, gets flying cars, hover boards, and self-lacing shoes. These videos of the real-world counterparts may not be exactly as envisaged, but good efforts are being made.

The year that was and upcoming resolutions

This week everyone has been looking back on the past year, with the iOS 2014 year in review covering all that’s happened in the busy year for Apple, this year’s smartest UI design ideas gives a good rundown of what worked well last year, we go over 10 web predictions from last year to see how accurate they were and look at how the average page weight has increased over the past year, and Yahoo’s year in review covers the best in movies and other obsessions of the year.

smart car ui matthew krenn

The new year has leading designers sharing new year’s resolutions, and if those seem to be too unrealistic to achieve then there are further details from Chris Coiyer on how you can just try and do a good job.

Design is in the details

Designing things well can often be a tricky task, so to help make things easier for you, here are 10 things that graphic designers get stuck with and 10 books that can help.

Focusing a little closer, Matthew takes a good look at what he’s learned so far about line icon design and it seems that the old adage of “less is more” has never been truer, and has a free continuous line icon pack. Looking closer still Joshua takes a detailed look at Square’s email receipt and feedback flow.

Free Continuos Line Icon Pack

Anti-patterns and improving on the past

In efforts to not make the same mistakes as last year, here are some real-world JavaScript anti-patterns to stay away from. If any of them look similar to what you’ve been doing then it may be time to consider improving on what you’ve been doing, and on the topic of not doing something you can detect Do Not Track with JavaScript now, which can be used to further enhance users ability to opt out of things.

Trying to improve on things, naming things delves into the different issues that we have in coming up with good names and delves in to aspects and techniques to come up with better names, and symbols in ECMAScript 6 are a new primitive type that explore these unique identifiers and situations in which they will help to improve your code.

So which links caught your attention? What new year’s resolutions have you been inspired to make? Have you been motivated to improve on things that you were doing last year? Let us know and the discussion can begin.

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