On Our Radar: Exclusive Emails, PHP Digital Waste and Ipsums

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Welcome back everyone to another week of On Our Radar! I was going to make another joke about computers to kick us off, but then I lost my drive.*

On Our Radar

To start us off this week, we’re about to launch an exclusive SitePoint Forums newsletter. It’s fortnightly and will have the best links from the forums and the web. Do you want to be part of this incredibly informative and interesting newsletter? Just sign up!

TomB is back without creation. Do you think creating/destroying objects on each HTTP request is wasteful? Can we have digital waste? Is there a landfill where bits and bytes go? Anyway, this was enough of a problem for Tom and another forums user, Michael_Morris, that Tom created a little program that gets around this wasteful HTTP requests. Tom is a treasure within the SitePoint forums.

Are you a rails enthusiast? Ruprict went to RailsConf and wants to know what your experience was. Adam, because he’s a great guy, responded with 9 hours of video from the conference – so if you missed it and were interested there’s literally no excuse not to watch the conference and surely you can spare 9 hours of Ruby viewing spread over the week.

One of the hardest parts of design is making something look good in lieu of actual copy. Ralph’s met this problem many times, as have other web designers, and ‘lorem ipsum’ is an industry standard. But it’s boring. Ralph looks at alternatives from ‘bogan ipsum’ (Australia’s answer to rednecks and chavs) to Nietzsche ipsum. What’s your favourite ipsum to use?

In Short

This week in JavaScript, Paul_Wilkins wonders if jQuery is harmful, looks at the latest libraries and frameworks, and ponders how robots would eat. Meanwhile cpradio looks into The Week In .NET with news on the highlights of the CodeLens inclusion in Visual Studio Onlie, free access to Azure (this is a great deal, actually), parsing command line arguments and DRYing out your polices with the Don’t Repeat Yourself principal.

Question time!

Web devs, a quick question. Let’s say you’re building a retail website, very big on the e-Commerce side, and you have to ‘make it mobile’ because your buzzwords obsessed boss wants to be part of the app craze. Would you push for a responsive mobile design, or create an app?

*sorrynotsorry about my laborious use of dad jokes.

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Jasmine has been in the social behaviour and marketing world for over 10 years. She's now looking after the SitePoint Community in all its variations, and really likes apples.

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