RailsConf Afterthoughts?

Well, RailsConf was last week in the ATL, and there was no shortage of interesting keynotes, presentations, and Twittering.

The biggest initial news coming out of RailsConf has to be DHH’s poopoo-ing of microservices and revealing ActionCable to the surprise of everyone (including some core committers…).

What are you hearing from RailsConf? Did you attend? What were the best/worst talks? I’d love to hear any takeaways anyone has.

If you didn’t go, or you did and you want to relive it, here’s nine bloody hours of video from the conf!

Wow, was there a lot of fighting or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I didn’t go (chance would be a fine thing), but the news that I’m most excited about is that Rails 5 will include built-in support for JSON APIs, via rails new --api. This was announced during DHH’s keynote.

Didn’t go. Wasn’t invited : o )

I want To move on with my Ruby on rails from working knowledge to medior web Developer . Making mobile iPad And iPhone web apps. Many ideas. So I will watch the bloody videos see what I can learn.

Speaking of those videos: http://confreaks.tv/events/railsconf2015

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