SitePoint Podcast #15: This Way Up

By Kevin Yank

Episode 15 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week your hosts are Patrick O’Keefe (@ifroggy), Stephan Segraves (@ssegraves), Brad Williams (@williamsba), and Kevin Yank (@sentience).

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Episode Summary

Here are the topics covered in this episode:

Google’s New CAPTCHA

Mozilla Prism 1.0 Beta

Facebook Shuts Down Newsfeed RSS Application

Ten Confusing Technology Terms

The Konami Code

Thanks for listening! Feel free to let us know how we’re doing, or to continue the discussion, using the comments field below.

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  • WebKarnage

    CAPTCHA:- I have to admit I use re-Captcha, and like it. Are any of you guys familiar with Evernote? This organizational software has online storage that can ‘read’ handwriting. Scripting a way to get that to read re-Captcha and the like has to be a distinct possibility, although I don’t know how long it takes their servers to read the images given to them, and it may only give you options to search what it has read too, but it makes you wonder if this step from Google might be a very timely thing.

    Mozilla Prism:- I’m with Patrick here. What on earth do we need all these versions for? You could also end up with lord knows how many micro-browser setups, when a list of bookmarks and one browser will do the trick!! We can already use other apps to do most of the important things. I use Mail or Postbox to look at 2 gmail accounts, a MobileMe account, an AOL account and 2 more in one go. Why would I want several Prism apps to accomplish this?? Lunacy.

    Facebook:- Re: RSS feeds. Now I can’t remember the terms of the agreement, and while I do agree they want people to visit there site for sure, they may have had bigger worries about law suits if their agreement doesn’t allow them to do what they wish with the content entered. With Facebook making money, there will be bigger chances of people looking for a backhanded way to get their hands on some of that money. Generally, I don’t like Facebook. It’s interface is populated with stupid ‘games’ with people ‘poking’ you and the rest, and I just don’t find it the least bit entertaining.

    Confusing Terms:- Dongle: These are far from in the past in the audio world! Nearly every one of the top audio packages uses a dongle of one form or another, the exception that stands out being Logic Studio from Apple. All but the most basic Steinberg packages (Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab & most plugins) need a Steinberg key. Many of them use the iLok system, Mark of the Unicorn’s Ethno instrument, Bias software’s Peak, Digidesign’s Pro Tools (certain forms) and many more. Maybe this is because the rate of piracy was always higher in music software than anywhere else until this became the norm.

    Great podcast again guys, looking forward to the next one.

    with best regards,

  • http://www.jasonbatten.com NetNerd85

    There does not seem to be enough information about what Prism can do. All I have read is that it can “download” a website and make it standalone. You can then edit it using JavaScript. Okay… who would want to do that? Is there more too it?

    I’m not going to bother to download it unless I have a good reason.

  • EastCoast

    I’d enjoy the podcast a lot more if your audio recording wasn’t so inconsistent.

    The sound level jumps from inaudible to very loud all the time.. to the point where it’s less annoying to just read the transcript. It’d be great if somebody could spend 10 minutes adjusting a few levels, or learn how to use a dynamic compressor..

  • http://www.sitepoint.com/ Kevin Yank

    Thanks for the feedback, EastCoast. I definitely know what you’re referring to—especially when listening through headphones the inconsistent audio levels can be quite distracting.

    Rest assured, we’re working on it.

  • http://www.mean-machine.co.uk dmj1973


    Regarding the terms that confuse, you have to remember that the survey was done in the UK. None of you guys are from the UK that I know of which means you don’t know what we do and don;t understand. As an Englishman living in California I am rapidly finding out that there are different terms for things over here.

    Phone Jack is a good example. Phone socket is the more common term. Maybe you should add and Englishman to your podcast !


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