By Harry Fuecks

PHPXref – Perl helping PHP

By Harry Fuecks

Via the International PHP Magazine (Feb 2004, Print Edition) : PHPXref – a Perl utility for cross-referencing PHP source code and very handy indeed.

Basically you point it at some directory containing PHP source code and it generates a set of static HTML pages allowing you to browse the code in your project. The most useful feature is the list of classes, functions (+ methods) and variables it builds. If you need to know all the places in your code a particular function get’s called from, you can find out immediately. Also nice is PHPXref seems to be aware of phpdoc markup [edit] – aware of “doc blocks” at least.[/edit]

Would be nice to have a cross reference for constants and to be able to distinguish global variables quickly, neither of which is currently possible (version 0.4.1) but otherwise, a very useful tool.

Clearly what I was whining about here is not the case (there are some well reasoned follow ups here and here and, thankfully, it didnt start a “language war”).

  • rahamath

    I am unable get the session variables in second page. Please suggest me. In the first page i have given the path like c:tempsessions to store the session variables and in the second page also i am using the same path to retrive the session variables. Please suggest me

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