PHP Case Studies

By Harry Fuecks

Marco Tabini (of php|arch) is asking for PHP case studies: tales of PHP put to good use in the Enterprise (whatever you take that to mean).

This really needs doing: unlike Java or C#, there won’t ever be any case studies for PHP unless it’s developers provide them. More reasons why your story needs telling from Christian, Jason and Wez.

Update: Jeff’s thoughts about the meaning of Enterprise.

  • andre

    well there are some case studies present in the web site, right?

  • shoanm

    Are Christian and Jason the same person?

  • HarryF

    well there are some case studies present in the web site, right?

    True but they tend to be focused on Zend’s technologies (fair enough) rather than PHP.

    Are Christian and Jason the same person?

    Thanks ;) Fixed

  • hurricane_sh

    Enterprise is too generic, some huge websites (e.g. are perfect with PHP, some websites look small but PHP is incapable.

  • hurricane_sh

    Oh, HurryF, just noticed you were the writer. I thought I was arguing with a visitor.

  • Dorsey

    I nominate our website, It is a comprehensive e-commerce site that matches buyers of school-related goods and services with a network of vendors using a reverse auction process. Backed by MySQL, it incoporates extensive search capabilities and e-mail communication among parties.

    Prior to our launch in October 2003, we evaluated Oracle and Microsoft technologies and settled on the LAMP model for reasons I’d be happy to present in a case study. If it’s a concern at all, we’ve been reported in Forbes, InfoWorld, and Software Development Times.

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