Photoshop Gets Real: Best Ad Ever

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You may have seen this picture of the standard Photoshop desktop floating around the web the last couple of days in which the screen is recreated using real life objects. I myself saw it twice on Twitter, once on Digg, had it sent to me via instant messenger, and saw it posted on one of the Adobe employee blogs. It was so cool, that I decide to email Adobe to find out how it was made (was it real or drawn in Illustrator?), and if it was an official Adobe ad. In response, Adobe told me they weren’t actually involved, and sent me a to a Flickr account that had more info.

As it turns out, the image is real, with each element — each tool bar icon, each color swatch, each thumbnail — painstakingly recreated using real world objects. Made by the Indonesian arm of Asia Pacific design firm Bates141, the image is apparently an advertisement created for Jakarta-based software distributor Software Asli announcing the availability of Photoshop CS4.

The “As Real As It Gets” advertisement is definitely one of the coolest we’ve seen, for any product. So we hope that Software Asli or Bates141 is planning to sell a poster of it — we know we’d buy it!

Below are some behind the scenes photographs of it being made. For the full set of images, at their full size, check out the Flickr photo set. It is definitely worth a look to see how this amazing ad was put together.

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