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Open Source Development Labs

Blane Warrene

The Open Source Development Labs, or OSDL for short, has a mission of evaluating, testing and overall working toward the improvement of Linux as a professional platform.

The OSDL has continued to grow in signifigance, with expansion globally into Asia, and being the home to Linus Torvalds, may become the center of the Linux universe. (Note: Linus and his family are now moving to Oregon, the headquarters of the OSDL, where he will take on an even more substantial role with the organization.)

Their labs provide a functional data source for those seeking to deploy Linux for e-business, corporate and public data centers and more. While their concentration is not on smaller businesses running Linux, their efforts do directly impact web developers via the data centers where they host their equipment.

The OSDL publishes literature on their tests, activities and allows for public requests for projects to be carried out in their labs. To get a good background on their operations, see their presentations page.

Currently they are focusing on several areas, including carrier-grade Linux (telcos and large enterprise companies), data center Linux (of interest to developers and hosts as well as the corporate realm), desktop Linux and the Linux kernel.

All of their lab activities and publications can be found on the OSDL site.