Notebook Applications for Managing Ideas

Alyssa Gregory
Alyssa Gregory

In my previous post, I described how I use Evernote to manage and track topic ideas for the blogs I write for. Evernote is only one of many note-taking applications out there, and they all share a huge benefit – the ability to save information that you want to review again later in one easy-to-access location.

The notebook application space is a diverse one — there are online and offline tools, standalone and browser add-ons, free and paid, and even bookmark and wiki-based applications that can function as note-taking tools. I compiled a mix of the options, and came up with a list of 10 applications you can use for tracking and managing your ideas (aside from Evernote).


Microsoft’s digital notebook software that provides a place to gather notes and information, search, and share with others. You can compile text, pictures, audio and video recordings, and more.

Zoho Notebook

An online tool that compiles text, images, audio and video. You can share and collaborate with others while keeping track of changes.

Google Keep

Google Keep has wide cross-platform availability and integrates tightly with Google services — for most of us, that’s already a compelling sell. Keep supports a number of note formats, from text and lists to images and audio, and features reminder support. Notes can be color-coded and labels are available for organization. Google Keep is simple, but between the seamless sync, account integration, and image OCR, it’s simply dependable, too.


Simplenote also features great sync and cross-platform support, but gives you more of the fully-featured notes experience between its organizational structure and presentation style. It featurs versioned backups, sharing and publishing, and Markdown support. For a free app, it’s hard to go past.

Do you have a favorite note-taking app?