New Courses: HTML5 and CSS3 without the Hype — Just the Stuff That Matters

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Having just concluded our third SitePoint course, CSS Live with Russ Weakley, it’s with genuine excitement that we announce details of two new courses that will knock your socks off!

HTML5 Live and CSS3 Live with John Allsopp

We’re all really excited with the prospect of HTML5 and CSS3. Heck, I’m a marketer, and even I can see the positive impact this long overdue and refreshing change to the way we build websites will have. But there’s also a lot of hype and many conflicting opinions that do nothing but serve to confuse us all. That’s why I’m so pleased that we’ve partnered with John to develop both an HTML5 course and a CSS3 course that smash through the hype. These courses will focus on what you as a web designer can use and apply to your own or your clients’ websites right now.If you’re a web designer or developer and want to keep up with the HTML5 and CSS3 revolutions, these are two courses you don’t want to miss.So, to the details:

  • HTML5 Live with John AllsoppStarts: 26th JulySessions: 10 x 1 hourCost: $9.95 (yep, that’s right — less than $10)Sign up here
tip: Grab a Double Dose of HTML5 and CSS3 — and Save $5

If $9.95 and $14.95 isn’t cheap enough for these courses, I’ll throw in more incentive. Sign up for both — and I’ll knock $5 off the price. That’s the two-week HTML5 course and the three-week CSS3 course for only $19.90!

Sign up for both courses now.

Full details of the HTML5 Live course, including a video of John sharing more information on what to expect and a lesson plan, are now available. We’ll do the same for CSS3 later this week. So if you’ve been thinking “I really need to get up to speed on this stuff,” secure your place now — we may need to close the doors early if demand is too big.

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