By Shayne Tilley

New Courses: HTML5 and CSS3 without the Hype — Just the Stuff That Matters

By Shayne Tilley

Having just concluded our third SitePoint course, CSS Live with Russ Weakley, it’s with genuine excitement that we announce details of two new courses that will knock your socks off!

HTML5 Live and CSS3 Live with John Allsopp

We’re all really excited with the prospect of HTML5 and CSS3. Heck, I’m a marketer, and even I can see the positive impact this long overdue and refreshing change to the way we build websites will have. But there’s also a lot of hype and many conflicting opinions that do nothing but serve to confuse us all. That’s why I’m so pleased that we’ve partnered with John to develop both an HTML5 course and a CSS3 course that smash through the hype. These courses will focus on what you as a web designer can use and apply to your own or your clients’ websites right now.If you’re a web designer or developer and want to keep up with the HTML5 and CSS3 revolutions, these are two courses you don’t want to miss.So, to the details:

tip: Grab a Double Dose of HTML5 and CSS3 — and Save $5

If $9.95 and $14.95 isn’t cheap enough for these courses, I’ll throw in more incentive. Sign up for both — and I’ll knock $5 off the price. That’s the two-week HTML5 course and the three-week CSS3 course for only $19.90!

Sign up for both courses now.

Full details of the HTML5 Live course, including a video of John sharing more information on what to expect and a lesson plan, are now available. We’ll do the same for CSS3 later this week. So if you’ve been thinking “I really need to get up to speed on this stuff,” secure your place now — we may need to close the doors early if demand is too big.

  • Awesome – will be doing both!
    (lol, I’m a SitePoint course junkie!)

  • nesalot

    I’m glad the dates have changed for the courses making them weeks apart. The original Eblast that was sent out said both started on July 26th which would make for a ruff few weeks :) I have completed all the previous courses and am looking forward to these courses, especially how to create elegant fall backs for non compliant browsers. Site Point courses rock, they are easy to follow and seem to target anyone from a total beginner to someone just looking for a quick and cheap refresher.

    • Yep, apologies for the confusion. There is a week between HTML5 Live finishing and CSS3 Live starting. Watching John try to teach two courses concurrently would certainly be amusing! :)

      • It’d be really entertaining.

        It’d be interesting to hear from people who take both courses together once they’ve both fully run this first time around.

  • Jacob Olson


    I’m fresh off CSS Live and thought it was great. I’ve signed up for both of these (thanks for the discount!) and look forward to learning a ton more.

  • TaoistTotty

    I am glad to see more courses as I have been on all of them so far, and hope to attend these as well.

    Well done Sitepoint for these.

  • london-ninja

    Done the PHP LIVE and CSS LIVE courses! signed up for css3 and html5 Live today ;-)

    p.s If you signup for both at the same time you get a discount.

  • TheWix

    Looks like I have to give these two a try.

  • chawkins24

    What times do the courses and Q&A sessions run? I’m in the UK so I’m hoping they won’t be to late in the day for me.

  • bsmbahamas

    great 2 more to learn from, just finished the other 3, great stuff, keep em coming, still waiting patiently for an oop php live course

  • B__K

    I can’t wait I learned a lot from the CSS class.

  • FormerGenius

    I’ve signed up for the HTML5 course. Some self-styled HTML5 gurus are offering web-design companies ‘workshops’ on HTML 5 and charging hundreds per day; Sitepoint is giving us better content for less than ten bucks. CSS Live was my first Sitepoint course and I was mightily impressed by it. The combination forums, videos, live Q&A and slideshows filled in critical gaps in my CSS knowledge. And the course was given by an excellent (and tireless) teacher.
    With these courses Sitepoint has introduced an exciting new publishing paradigm. The lead-time of books to market means that book content is often out of date by the time a book is posted on the download page. The ‘Live’ courses are, by definition, bang up to date, and the online interaction with tutor and fellow course members makes for a much better learning experience than reading from a book.
    Please give us more of these courses. Sitepoint rocks!

    • JohnAllsopp

      Hi FG,

      thanks for the enthusiam, and really looking forward to Monday.

      I do want to address one issue though.

      I also from time to time charge hundreds a day for my courses – and organize conferences with associated workshops that come in at hundreds a day.
      But I think they are worth it too.

      What’s the difference?

      Firstly, there’s really nothing like being face to face in a room, in real time with a genuine expert – often a workshop will go off in a certain direction based on the needs and interests of the class, something that an online event, which has a mixture of pre-mixed and live components really can’t do.

      Then, there’s the fact that in a class of 10 to 20 say, you’re getting 5%-10% of the educators time for a day – and these folks can and do charge a lot of money per hour.

      So, I don’t see these as an either or. I see these two style of events as quite complimentary.

      I’m sure there’s some dodgy folks foistering HTML5 courses on the unsuspecting, with all the HTML5 hype out there, but there’s also some amazing workshops I know of from the likes of Tantek Çelik, Dan Cederholm, Steff Sullivan and Dan Rubin well worth attending if they are close by you.

      Anyway – roll on Monday! can’t wait!


    I follow all three course so far, and i gain a lot of understanding of each one, i am one one or the other every day, But i will like to see some one teach a course on the apache sever, the will good. ONCE AGAIN THANK.

  • Sweet deal, signing up now

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