.NET on the ‘NET March 10-17: SubSonic Rocks and MVC is Hawt

Wyatt Barnett
Wyatt Barnett

This is being posted bit later than “early in the week.” But then again, I got the fun job of migrating some PHP apps (unfortunately of my own nubile design so I cannot point fingers). I never thought I would miss the yellow screen of death until I hit the blank screen of death. No IIS7 so no FREB love, just lots of feeling around, print_r(), SQL Server Profiling and on the fly coding. I don’t miss the old days. And now on to dotnet . . .

The lead story is that Rob Conery has been very busy boy post-MIX. He released SubSonic 2.1 Beta 2 and launched a new SubSonic project site. Also, if you missed it, Windows Vista SP1 has been released. Roll the dice and upgrade today!

ASP.NET MVC is the new hawtness. And, while you are thinking hawt thoughts about MVC, you should make sure to check out Stephen Walther’s post on the Life of an ASP.NET MVC Request as well as Jeffery Palmero’s post on unit testing ASP.NET MVC Controllers. Finally, don’t miss Phil Haack’s MVC Routing Debugger.

There wer also some notable releases this week. Miguel de Icaza announced the release of MonoDevelop 1.0. The Telligent crew has also released Graffiti CMS Service Pack 1. And Jonathan Cogley & company over at Thycotic have released SecretServer 4.1. In the “not so much a release as a really neat product I just discovered” column check out LINQPad for your random LINQ tasks. It is exceedingly slick tool that can speed the discovery cycle.

On the “handy code to understand” front, we have a pair of submissions. First, Will Smith shares some handy ViewState extension methods. Second, for those of you undergoing painful PayPal integrations, see Anthony Grace’s solution.

In the “not so technical but still good to know category” make sure to take a gander at Kyle Baley’s post on human generated IDs. While computers are cooler, it is an unfortunate fact of life that the humans are paying your salary and the software must work with the wetware.

Back to tournament basketball. Go Terps.