Mozilla Release Firefox 5 Beta 2 and Aurora Updates

    Craig Buckler

    Are you still using Firefox 3? Have you only just upgraded to Firefox 4? Do you think it’s too long to wait between versions? True to their word, Mozilla has embarked on a rapid release development cycle like Google uses for Chrome. Firefox 5 is due on June 21 and you can download beta 2 from:

    The usual disclaimers apply. This is beta software. It may overwrite your existing installation. Plug-ins are unlikely to be compatible. Your PC may implode. You may catch a nasty disease.

    The new release promises performance, security and stability improvements as well as:

    • silent updates
    • CSS animations
    • improved support for HTML5 and related technologies
    • better JavaScript and canvas performance
    • taskbar web app support
    • a few interface tweaks with better Mac OS and Linux integration
    • an easier to access “do not track” option — apparently, fewer than 2% of people use it in Firefox 4.

    That said, you’re unlikely to notice significant differences between versions 4 and 5.

    Perhaps Aurora will be of more interest to cutting-edge browser addicts. Mozilla’s new channel delivers future innovations at various levels of quality and polish. The Aurora version of Firefox is also available to download from the link above.

    Can you spot any major new features? I couldn’t, but I have to admit that the logos are gorgeous!…

    Firefox logos

    Firefox 5 will be upon us in a little over 3 weeks. Opera also appear to be adopting a rapid release schedule. It seems we’re just waiting for Apple and Microsoft to join the party.