More PHP frameworks

    Harry Fuecks

    Yes I know – with the framework in progress, we don’t need no more stinkin’ frameworks. Except there’s a couple I’ve seen recently which are noteworthy. I haven’t delved into the source code in any depth – exploring framework code bases has become as much fun as watching paint dry, but there are some interesting ideas here, if you’re looking to new angles on the problem.

    First up is Tonic by Paul James which labels itself as “A RESTful Web App Development Framework”. It’s interesting because the API of the controllers you write is much like which I covered before here (and tonic actually came first). Some interesting ideas – and it’s one of very few paying attention to HTTP. You’ll need to pull it out of CVS BTW (no download at this time).

    Second in todays framework fiesta is Code Igniter (thanks to Mark Barton for the tip off) – this is from the same people that put together pMachine hence think it’s noteworthy. It’s very Rails-esque from superficial trawling but it’s appealing to the KISS point of view, plus there seems to be a cunning approach to URL mapping in there.

    Any – that’s it – for me never another framework again. If you have a burning desire to waste time, try here or here. Otherwise, one PHP framework to rule them all.