Launching SitePoint’s student accounts

    Simon Julian

    As you would have seen if you had read any of my past posts I have some fairly strongly held views on kids beginning their experience with learning about and learning to code as early as possible and then continuing their coding education throughout primary and high school education.

    Given those strong views it made sense for us to start to look seriously at what we could do for kids at SitePoint and where we could really make a difference. Today we launched a new initiative focused on providing subsidised, low-cost accounts for students (mainly focused on high school and university as we’re not (yet) in a position to cater for primary school education in the content that we’re creating (although I’d love us to go in that direction when we do have the opportunity and it doesn’t represent a loss in focus for us).

    In 2013, SitePoint showed our commitment to students with a pilot program providing free accounts for Australian students. This new, global initiative continues to build on our investment in students and web development education – we’re really focusing on both individuals and educational institutions with this new initiative that we’re running.

    SitePoint has always been at the forefront of practical, useful education for web developers, designers and entrepreneurs, and as a company we believe strongly in the power of both education and community in helping students reach their goals. I’d like to see more online education providers put real effort into helping students and increasing the availability and quality of online educational resources for people who really want to learn and grow – it’s hugely important if we want to see growth in the digital economy both now and in the future.

    Our student portal, go to


    Simon is General Manager for Sitepoint, providing cutting-edge content for web professionals, and for SitePoint Premium, Sitepoint’s online learning platform.

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