7 Blogs for Keeping Up with Social Media News

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There is a lot to keep track of if you use social media sites for marketing your business and networking with colleagues. Because most of these sites are free, social media users are especially susceptible to unexpected changes that can have a significant impact on the way you use the sites, sometimes without much (or any) advance notice.

Over recent weeks, for example, we’ve seen the “Become a Fan” button/wording on Facebook change into “Like,” which on its own doesn’t seem so major … unless you design custom fan page graphics for clients or incorporate fan page links and graphics into clients’ sites and use the outdated terminology.

Then last week, Facebook stopped allowing fan page owners to have a custom tab set as the landing page for new visitors, unless the page had a minimum of 10,000 fans. This change had the potential to be damaging to small business owners and individuals who use custom landing tabs to introduce the page to new fans and direct them about how to interact with various features, effectively converting visitors into fans.

There was quite a bit of uproar about the change, but then the next day, Facebook reversed the modification as quickly as they made the change. No harm, no foul. These examples go to show the importance of staying in the loop if you want to use social media as effectively as possible.

So how can you stay in the loop? Here is a round up of seven blogs to help you keep up with changes and news across social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter.

  1. All Facebook: A blog that covers all issues pertaining to Facebook including new applications, general news, and analysis about the future of Facebook.
  2. Mashable: The world’s largest blog focused exclusively on Web 2.0 and social media news.
  3. Social Media Examiner: An online magazine designed to help businesses discover how to best use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  4. SocialTimes: A blog providing social media news, events and community-focused updates.
  5. The Facebook Blog: Get the scoop right from Facebook on their official blog.
  6. The Social: CNET News’ social media blog focusing on a variety of social media tools from Twitter to Yelp to Facebook.
  7. Twitter Blog: The official blog about news and new features on Twitter.

If you look at these feeds, you will see a good amount of overlap in topics covered, so you will definitely want to choose wisely when you select your favorite social media blogs in order to avoid information overload.

One of the best ways I keep up with social media news – aside from the blogs above – is by engaging on social media sites. I am always amazed how much I learn about what’s happening in and around the world of social media just by watching tweets, trends and status updates.

Where do you get your social media news?

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Alyssa Gregory is a digital and content marketer, small business consultant, and the founder of the Small Business Bonfire — a social, educational and collaborative community for entrepreneurs.

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