By Sam Deering

jQuery.get() Read Text File Example

By Sam Deering

JQuery code snippet to read a text file via the built in AJAX jQuery.get() call and then process the txt file line by line. The example adds the lines to a html element for display on page.

Important: The jQuery code will only replace the first occurrence of the word (jQuery4u) and not every occurrence like PHP’s str_replace() would. To replace every occurrence of a string in JavaScript, you must provide the replace() method a regular expression with a global modifier as the first parameter as such:

.replace(/jQuery4u/g,'jQuery4u FTW!');

jQuery Code to read text file line by line

jQuery.get('file.txt', function(data) {
   //process text file line by line
')); });

Note: Browsers restrict access to local drives (and to server drives) for security reasons. However, you can use the standard jQuery ajax call $.ajax().

  • midnight007

    good tip, i have a question
    how i can read each line and stored in a array variable?
    greetings from mexico.

  • hello.
    i want read file txt using jquery.please help me. i can’t do it.:(
    my code read a line in file txt.i want read more line in file contact.txt


    $(document).ready(function() {


    • Try using the AJAX get code above and change the filename to contact,txt and #div to #stage.
      If you still have any problems let me know.

  • Sudersoh

    very helpful, I have a question, I want to write into a text file of a specific drive and read also from there

  • Robert Fletcher

    What if the file you want to read is on the another domain? How do you handle reading text files using jquery across domains?

    • Hi Robert, the best way would be to use JSONP which allows cross domain AJAX calls, you would however need to wrap your text in JSON like so

      “text”: text json encoded

  • How can I read each word in a text?
    For example I have a text like “jQuery4u is so awesome!” so how can I export to html like “JQuery4uissoawesome!

    • Derek Welty

      .replace(‘ ‘,”);

  • tejal

    how to write in file using jquery

  • Ata

    The right syntact at line by line:
    …replace(/n/g, “”)

  • Attila

    lines = data.split(“n”);

    • Vineet

      thank u for this code…

  • Edward Roberts

    Thanks after an hour of searching Google came across this… now I can carry on. Bless you this article help alot. :)

  • lchhieu

    i was error: Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource.

  • Chris Weed

    So if I’m pulling in an html file, I noticed that the browser attempts to load all the scripts and js files. Is it possible to simply grab the file as plain text in this case? A pile of the links and images are broken and it slows the processing down considerably (it waits until it times out).

  • Abhishek Garg

    how can i get the key-value pair data from jQuery.

  • Abdul Naeem

    thanks i learned too much from your code

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