JavaScript Masters Unite: Welcome to JSPro

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Today is a big day! I’d like to introduce JSPro, the newest addition to the SitePoint Network. We are all about everything JavaScript! JSPro joins RubySource, PHPMaster, DesignFestival, BuildMobile and CloudSpring in an array of excellent websites that post regular tutorials, tips, articles, and news on various web development topics.

JSPro focuses on teaching you, regardless of your skill level, everything you need to know about JavaScript — one of the most instrumental and versatile languages in the history of the web, and one we only see booming in popularity for years to come. We’ll keep you updated with JS greatness and bring you all the latest developments as it evolves across the web dev sphere.

This site covers a plethora of JavaScript topics. We’ll tackle everything from CoffeeScript, node.js, backbone.js, underscore.js, spine.js, angular.js, to more traditional frameworks such as jQuery and MooTools — and, of course, raw, vanilla JavaScript itself.

Remember, we’re always looking for new writers! If you think your JavaScript skills are up to scratch and you fancy yourself as a scribe, we want to hear from you. We’d love to see what you can offer in the way of articles, screencasts, and tutorials. Get cracking, and shoot our managing editor an email.

Meet the Editor (He’s a Javascript Guru!)

Javascript Master Editor Colin Ihrig has been a prolific writer for SitePoint for some time — his knowledge of JavaScript is second to none, making him the perfect candidate to take the wheel of JSPro. When not managing cool websites like this one, Colin is studying a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. He’s been studying web development for 15 years, and now he’ll be bringing all his smarts over from SitePoint to make the JavaScript world a better place!

We hope you love JSPro as much as we’ve enjoyed designing, coding, creating and launching the site. Welcome to the JSPro community!

One last thing…

Along with great content, we’re excited to announce that JSPro is the first site from the Sitepoint network to be 100% responsive! That means you can read it comfortably on your phone, tablet, or laptop without having to worry about zooming, pinching, and silly amounts of scrolling. The remaining sites will follow soon after.

Harley is a WordPress Guru based in Melbourne. He specialises in WordPress, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5. I love designing sites too, and want to continue bringing sexy new sites to the web!

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