Sublime Text 3 Beta Released

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My favourite Editor Sublime Text 2 has now released version 3 Beta! Woo!


Official Blog Post Sublime Text 3 Page

Sublime Text 3 – What’s new?

Jump Back and Jump Forward – Jump Back allows you to go to previous editing positions. This goes hand in hand with Goto Definition: you can now inspect a symbol definition, and quickly jump back to where you were previously. Jump Back is bound to Alt+Minus by default.

Improved HTML Editing – HTML completions have been improved, and now offer completions for tag attributes. Tags are also closed automatically when Retina Performance – Sublime Text is now super smooth on Retina displays, even at maximum resolution.

Large File Loading – Large plain text files, such as log files, now load significantly faster, finishing in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time depending on platform. Note that for files requiring syntax highlighting, there is only a small improvement in load time due to the regex matching bottleneck.

API Parity – Sublime Text 3 now has full API parity with Sublime Text 2, along with a nice set of additions. New functionality in 3019 includes per-command callbacks, and resource loading APIs. Full details are in the API Reference. Please note that while Sublime Text 3 supports all the API functionality in Sublime Text 2, plugins are by default not source compatible, and must be ported.

Lots More! The full changelog is available on the Sublime Text 3 page.

Sublime Text Notepad++ Theme

Sublime Text Notepad++ Theme

Fast Console.log in Sublime Text

Fast Console.log in Sublime Text

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