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It’s Official – We Have T-Shirts!

Sarah Hawk

I have been talking about it for such a long time that you’d be forgiven for wondering if I was ever actually going to deliver, so I’m relieved to be putting my money where my mouth is and announcing the release of our new SitePoint t-shirts. Those of you that frequent the SitePoint forums may remember that we held a t-shirt design competition at 99Designs and then ran a poll at the forums to find the most popular design. The poll results were so close that in the end we decided to run with two options. We have decided to use a print on demand service, so check out our SitePoint store on Printfection to get your shirt now!

SitePoint t-shirt SitePoint t-shirt

Another exciting thing that we have going on in our community at the moment is the Get To Know Us campaign on Facebook. September sees us talking about Cloud Computing and first up we have one of our developers, Mal Curtis, talking about what he does at SitePoint and how he utilizes Amazon’s ec2 Cloud Service. On Friday we’ll be hearing from our CTO Kevin Yank to get his take on things. Don’t forget to pay special attention to what the guys say if you want to take part in our quiz at the end of the month. You could pick yourself up a copy of our yet to be released book, Host Your Web Site In The Cloud.

The last thing I’ll mention today is something that we’ll be kicking off next week at the forums. I’m pretty excited to have hooked up some time with Mark Brown, who is part of Microsoft’s Web Platform Team. Mark is going to answer questions regarding the configuring and/or running of PHP applications on Microsoft platforms. If that sounds like something you could do with some help on, then post them in our dedicated forum and check back on the third Friday of each month for answers to your questions. You can find out more about it here.

Hot Topics This Week
Because it’s the word in the IT world at the moment, there is no way we could avoid talking about OAuth for PHP Twitter Applications so you’ll find that conversation in our PHP forum.

The WordPress forum is hosting a thread based on one of our latest articles, which is all about Creating Custom Options Pages in WordPress. Sound interesting?

The talk in our Search Engine Optimization forum is interesting. A member asks what effect multilingual sites have on SEO.

Do you know of any good resources for Facebook developers? If you do, add them to my Facebook Resources thread, which funnily enough can be found in our Facebook forum.

I’m going to sign off now so that you can get down to the serious business of ordering your SitePoint t-shirt!