Official SitePoint T-shirts On Sale At Last!

I know that’s it’s been a while since we held the Official SitePoint T-shirt Competition and I apologise for that delay, but I’m pleased to be able to finally announce that we have the shirts up for sale!

We have decided to go with a print on demand service so the shirts are available through our Printfection store.

I meant to take some photos of my colleagues wearing the shirts when I was in the office last week but I ran out of time, so for now you’ll have to settle for my very amateurish modelling…

Get your official SitePoint t-shirt here.

Ok, so it only took me THREE days to decide which shirt I wanted (that’s how good they both were). Looking forward to wearing it on my train ride to work. :slight_smile:

Yeah that and I can run really, really fast. :smiley:

I guess you could say yes. Feedback implied that there was a demand and then several hundred people voted. It was never a money making venture, just a community building exercise. I suspect that the price of the shirts might be prohibitive to many, but unfortunately that is the base cost of a print on demand shirt so we have no control over that. TBH, based on the sales so far, I’m relieved that we went down that road!

Our staff shirts all arrive soon. I’m hoping that when people see how cool we all look :wink: that it will drum up some interest.

Maybe it’s the time of year (still cold in the southern hem, and heading towards winter in the north). Mind you, plenty of weirdos seem to wear T-Shirts in winter. I don’t get it. I would freeze to death! Makes me cold just looking at them. :confused:

Woot! Looking good Sarah :stuck_out_tongue: I like the navy blue, always been a sucker for clever little strap lines, might treat myself to one.

Wow, I’m disappointed by the response. I’ll get photos of other people asap!

The dream might die?

Nice t shirts.

Nice work cydewaze

I was thinking we could start a thread in GC for photos of people in their shirts. I just got another one last week.

Got my shirt! It’s pretty sweet.

Sorry, I’m not very photogenic!

haha that photo so needs a caption that says “Check out this geek credibility… na nana na… na… can’t touch this!” :smiley:

The original design of the the second shirt would probably look good on a ceramic coffee mug.

lol Alex!

Film Stomme poes? FILM?? Wow! I still have a 35mm film camera, but I haven’t used it in ages. Maybe I should eBay it…

Good job you’re in Maryland, telling kickboxers they have cute dimples can be hazardous for your health :lol:

What is the benefit for the readers of forum by this t shirts?

I tried, but they don’t do white print on orange and black print didn’t look that good. :frowning:

Mm, surprised that an orange version wasn’t also available for In Code We Trust… was hoping for a nice nerdy Dutch football shirt to wear : )

Something to wear at the Fronteers Conference in Amsterdam : )

Self-effacing jokes never work very well in this kind of forum. I don’t need any compliments, it’s t-shirt sales that I’m after. Although to be honest, we are not actually making a cent off them, I just don’t want the dream to die.

I was just being emotive. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s more a case of going to the effort of organising it all because there was so much hype about getting new shirts. Now no one actually seems to want them.