The Official SitePoint T-shirt Competition Results

The Official SitePoint T-shirt poll has closed and the results were so close that we have decided it would only be fair to award two prizes.

So please join me in congratulating the designers of Entry 2 and [URL=“”]Entry 3.

I am in the process of organising production so I’ll get back to you when we have something tangible!

I’d buy #3 if the number on the back was more binary-ish. Eg. 010 or 001 or 0010.

If they go with the sporty looking 2 digit number I think they’re missing a great opportunity to be unique.

Funny you should say that. I’ve done a bit of work on it. :wink:

I love #2! Yay! Congrats, I voted for you! =)

I could not choose both good :slight_smile:

Great simple and clean designs love the entry 3

Shakir Qasim

I’d like #4 in chrome yellow please.

On a more serious note, congrats to the designers, and I look forward to all the pics of people wearing these!

#2 in white or charcoal would look nice :slight_smile:
#3 would also look good in charcoal… IMO

Do you think entry #2 would work in orange and blue also?

We’re going to make a few tweaks to the designs (ie we are going to make the 01 on the orange shirt look much more like binary) before we put them up for sale.

At this stage I plan to make the orange shirt available in both orange and blue but I’ll keep you updated.

I have no idea of price points yet but as soon as I have more info I’ll let you all know.

Any idea how much this will cost the general public to get one? Givign any away for free via contest or anything :p?

They’re both nice but I’m a fan of #2. Can’t wait to order!

The orange one definitely looks the best, i remember looking at them all but cant remember if i voted :S, doh.

Congrats anyway guys, good job!

Site Point does it again! Great idea to let your fans have two choices!

I really like the number 3 entry. Please tell how can t-shirt be ordered.

I really like the number 3 entry. Please tell how can t-shirt be ordered.

Actually the number 3 is fantastic. please tell me how i order it.

I think that’s what we’re all hoping…I’ll be telling people that because I hate generic sports clothes…

That said, MASSIVE CONGRATS to the designers!

I assume the 01 on the back of Entry 3 is supposed to be binary or something?

Orange and white are ok online, but on the body I prefer something darker - so will either/both of these be available in, say, black?

does someone offer me one for free? like sitepoint # 2 T-shirt very much and want to wear it.