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It’s All About Breasts, Baby.

Sarah Hawk

Alright guys, it’s time we had a serious talk about breasts. Breasts are something that are (literally) close to my heart and nothing breaks that heart more than the thought of losing them. Unfortunately that’s the reality for too many women these days, so at the SitePoint forums we’re all about breasts this month. We’re doing what we can to support breast cancer research, and the easiest way to do that is by supporting the Pink for October campaign. As with many people these days, my life has been touched by the disease. I came close to losing a friend a few years ago, and that story has a happy ending, but too many of them don’t. So get behind the campaign and show your support by pinking out your website! If you do, we’ll let you break our self-promo rules and post a link to your site so we can see what you’ve done. If changing your site isn’t practical, you can show your support by changing your forum avatar to one of our special Pink for October avatars.

SitePoint forums

This is old news, but it would seem that it keeps slipping under the radar, so I’m going to remind you that we have our official SitePoint t-shirts on sale. We’re waiting on our batch of staff ones to arrive, and when that happens I’ll convince you of their style factor with photos. For now you’re just going to have to take my word when I tell you that not only are they hot, but they make you smarter as well. Get YOUR official SitePoint t-shirt here.

One of the most exciting things that’s happening in our community at the moment is the coming together of our community book. The book is a collaboration between forum members and submissions are due this week. The few that I have read so far are brilliant and I am really excited about the way this is going. I am honoured to be writing the Introduction and from what I’ve seen so far, I’m going to be the one letting the project down! If this is the first you’ve heard of the community book and it sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, we do still have some spaces so provided you have time to get writing immediately, please contact a staff member over at the forums for more information or post your question in this thread.

Our Facebook page has been all about cloud computing over the last month. Our ‘Get To Know Us’ campaign has introduced developer Mal Curtis, CTO Kevin Yank and systems admin Adam Bolte to you and is now wrapping up with a quiz. There are still 24 hours left to enter, so if you’re keen on picking up a copy of our latest book ‘Host Your Web Site in the Cloud’, then head over and enter now. The upcoming campaign is for those marketers amongst you. First up we have Shayne Tilley who is going to talk about product development here at SitePoint. Shayne’s up on our People tab this Friday.

The last thing I want to mention this week is something that took me by surprise a little last week. I got some feedback via Twitter which indicated that we have a reputation for being heavy-handed on the moderation of industry event announcements. I think that knowing what’s going on around the place is important, so I’ve put some guidelines in place to ensure that we shake off that reputation. If you are organising an event in your area that is web related, then please feel free to let our forum members know about it by posting in our Industry News forum. The only thing we ask is that it’s not overly spammy (ie full of unnecessary links).

Hot Topics This Week

In the Industry News forum they’re discussing Google’s latest announcement, the introduction the new image format WebP. It’s tipped to replace the jpg. What do you think?

Our Member of the Month for October has been announced and the (well deserved) honour goes to Cups. Head over to the News and Announcements forum to congratulate him yourself.

The talk in the PHP forum is all about leveraging the power of Amazon S3 in your applications. Check out discussion threads for Part I and Part II in the series.

I love this thread in the CSS forum. Have you got a fantasy CSS feature that you’d love to see? Tell us what it is.

I’m wrapping up now. The sun is calling me. Have a good week.

Feature image by Chris Roberts from Digital Precision