October Is All About Breasts

Yup - you heard it here first. Here at SitePoint we love breasts and we’re going to celebrate them for an entire month. We’re going pink for October.

I’m talking breast cancer to be more specific. The prevalence of breast cancer has become such an issue these days that I suspect all of us know someone that has been touched by it in some way. So we’re doing what we can by taking part in Pink For October.

The Pink for October campaign is about blog and website owners showing their support for breast cancer awareness by turning our sites pink for the month of October.

We’re celebrating by changing our avatars and we have a set of pretty pink ones for you to choose from. You can make the change by going to My SitePoint > Edit Avatar > and then select the Pink for October set from the dropdown.

As an extra celebration, if you take part by pinkifying your site and submitting it to the Pink For October campaign, then we’re going to allow you to link to it here. It’s a one time offer folks!

So come one - celebrate breasts with us. You know you want too.


I’ll support bre@st cancer awareness.

Going Pink isn’t a scam as that article suggests - and awareness is important. I’m glad this disease is finally getting broader exposure.

When’s the Testicle month? or the Bowel month? looking forward to those :smiley:

Avast complains that there is a virus…

Ah Sarah, I like your style.


I love breasts too… Maybe we could have a wet t-shirt competition to show our support!

Unfortunately EVERYONE is “aware” of breast cancer. :shifty: What it should be is “Breast Cancer PREVENTION Month” (:. Going “PINK” is a huge scam.

Read this telling article about “Breast Cancer Awareness”.


Breasts are really a life style choice. Every breast deserves much more than a measly month.

I can’t pink my sites out, but I can donate a portion of October’s advertising revenue to the NBCF. :smiley:

When’s the … or the Bowel month?

I’m down for a month of pink shirts and an excuse to talk about boobies, but if we start doing a month of brown shirts and people cruising around acting like a$$^%*@s I’m not paying my Internet bill that month.

I’ll be in for some of that action.

Well i helping by aware my mom, Grant mother and all the ladies whom i know I told them the causes of Breast cancer. And what are the preventions.

Now there’s an idea! I mean, I love breasts but I adore testicles. So let’s select a month to dedicate to testicles. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Breast Title ever

Wow, the dudes are on this like white on rice!

Ah, the virtue of selfishness. Ayn Rand would be so proud!

It looks like some overly sensitive antivirus software throws up a malware warning but it is false.

hey :(((( there was a virus there :(((

Hi All
Great forum and excellent thread
People still are not aware of breast cancer.
We should promote it by informing everyone we care.