By Troels Knak-Nielsen

Introducing pearhub

By Troels Knak-Nielsen

Happy New Year.

In the previous year, I have spent a great deal of time with Ruby on Rails, and one of the things that works better in the Ruby world is the package distribution system (gems, as they are called). A lot of Ruby developers make their libraries available on github, which until recently had an integrated feature to publish the code as a gem. Recently they discontinued this service and instead a dedicated site, gemcutter emerged. Gemcutter is strictly a package hosting service/channel.

I think services like these are an important reason why gems are so popular amongst Ruby developers, and I figured that PHP really needs something similar. So over the Christmas period, I began brewing a service, which is now stable enough that I’ll make it available to the community at large. provides a place where you can register a project that is hosted on Github, Google code or similar (Currently only git and subversion are supported). The service will generate a PEAR package and put it on a PEAR channel. This means that installation and upgrade can be done from the PEAR installer. New releases are made by making a tag in the linked repository. Pearhub will check routinely for any new tags, and generate a new package if so.

I hope you’ll find it useful, and feedback is of course welcome.

  • martin

    damn, this is f***** awesome :)

  • seanreloaded

    Wow, Troels! That’s excellent :) Would there be Mercurial support eventually? (I’m thinking of For those of us working on Windows, Mercurial seems to have better Windows support.


  • j5a

    This looks to be a great service. Keep up the good work!

  • Greg Beaver

    great idea. Be sure to distribute the source as a PEAR package :)

  • This is awesome, Troels!

  • Darren884

    Thats pretty cool, and I thought PEAR was getting old.

  • dusoft

    I don’t know. The service would be awesome, but I just doubt there is a need for it. Anyway, PEAR is kinda shunned by most of the people due to its complexity and pre-requisites / requirements.

  • apinstein

    We started as similar project a few months ago, and also launched this week.

    Pearfarm is also modeled after Gemcutter. We also ported gemspec, called pearfarm.spec.

    Maybe Pearfarm and Pearhub can work together in the future…


  • kristina

    pearhub looks neat, is it open source?

  • Troels Knak-Nielsen

    Thanks for the positive responses.

    As for mecurial support, you can go vote for it (Click the feedback tab on the site’s left side). If you can tell me how I can list the tags of a remote hg repository, I don’t think there’s much work in adding it?

  • KingCrunch

    Yeah, thats cool!
    So maybe pearfarm and pearhub can really work together? I like the gemspec-feature of pearfarm, but just tagging a repo to create a new package is also very nice. And I like, that pearhub doesnt need to discover one channel for every user ;)

  • Rob Morgan

    I’ve written a tutorial on using Pearhub you might find handy:


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