Infinity Blade 2

Tyler Herman
Tyler Herman

In general, consumers are looking for a game they can play for a minute or two and feel completely satisfied. One of the precious gems that fits this need on the App store is Infinity Blade II.

Combine instant gratification with a compelling story, role playing game mechanics, and an infinite amount of entertainment and you have this game. Don’t just take these words and consider them to be truth, take it from the 19,000 people who have helped this game get 4.5 out of 5 stars on the App store.

Infinity Blade II

Kicking Off

This game starts you off as a warrior, seeking answers from the immortals. Battle by battle you fight your way to the top of a staircase one enemy at a time, and that’s just the prologue! The story continues as you search and explore a tower filled with epic battles, weapons, armor, gems and, best of all, plenty of secrets only known to the group of immortals.


Battles in this game only take seconds, but each one will keep you on edge, making it a great on-the-go game for standing in line, or just relaxing around the house. Unlike most games, when you die, you don’t stand back up and get to keep fighting from the same point. Instead, the game will pass all of your items to the next of kin and you will start the next lineage. The best part is there’s an infinite number of lineages to play which allows for endless game play. The more you play the game, the harder time you’ll have putting it down. Through more game play, more secret areas will become available to you.

Infinity Blade II takes you from wherever you happen to be, and makes you feel like it’s you fighting the titans and giants in the game, not controlling an avatar. You need to be quick with your thumbs to Dodge, Block and Parry attacks, as well as using Magic to deal damage and heal or striking the enemy with your weapon.

Fighting Styles

There are three fighting styles: Sword and Shield, Heavy Weapons, and Dual Wielding. Each style has its pros and cons forcing you to fight a different way for each. You can further customize how your character fights by adding gems you find throughout the world to slots in your items. This includes swords, shields, helmets, and armor, and for a small price in gold you can swap out the gems whenever you want to make weapons stronger or to help gain gold or experience.


This game is the second of two games, but don’t let that discourage you! This game does a great job of explaining events that you would otherwise need to play the previous game to experience. The combat has been greatly improved from the first game as well. In the firs, parrying was more difficult, blocking seemed almost impossible. Executing combos in both games have never been more entertaining!

Swiping your finger across the screen in different directions causes the character to execute a flurry of swings dealing great damage to your enemy. While you are playing the game a compelling sound track is playing in the background and matches the intensity of battle or the serene view off the tower and surrounding land. The graphics by far are top of the line when it comes to mobile apps. This 3D world is beautiful including everything from the grass under you feet to the mountains in the distance to the dungeons and hallways you.

Closing Thoughts

Very few games have the capability of endless game play that is always exciting and bringing you back for more. To find a game like that you need to pay a minimum of $20 and rarely offers the capability to play wherever and whenever you want. But with any game of this magnitude, you need a wi-fi connection in order to download this app.

Thanks to technology like the iCloud, you purchase the game once and you can play it on the iPod Touch (3rd generation and up), iPhone 3GS and up, the iPad and iPad 2 with no extra charge! What is even better is that all of your devices will stay in sync with each other. This means, if you have access to the 3G network or wi-fi, you could start playing on an iPad and later that day you could pick up exactly where you left off on your iPhone without having to sync your device with iTunes.