By Craig Buckler

Hilarious Client Feedback Quotes

By Craig Buckler

Clients. They enable us to do a job we love and pay for food and beer. We couldn’t survive without them.

Obviously, your clients are perfect. So are mine. But not all client relationships are forged by friendly pixies in fairy land where everyone lives in harmony. Sometimes a client doesn’t understand what you’re trying to achieve. Sometimes they’re confused and have difficulty expressing their opinion. Sometimes they provide hilarious feedback.

SharpSuits.net is displaying a selection of feedback quotes which express the anger, exasperation, frustration and sadness experienced by Ireland’s creative community. Each has been lovingly transformed into A3 posters which were sold in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Fortunately, they’re still available online for us to laugh at.

My personal favorites…

the target audience is males and females aged zero and up

I’m just not sure that a globe and passport represents travel

I’m the target market and I don’t like it!

I’ll know what I want when I see it

could you solutionise that for me?

everyone wants more dipperability

we want it to look like this but don’t copy it,
just make it different enough
but keep it the same!

we need more images of groups of people
having non-specific types of fun

looks great, however,
the copy seems to be in Latin,
but could be Italian or Spanish?

I have printed it out
but the animated GIF is not moving?

we feel that red just isn’t right for Christmas

the Christmas tree has to look natural…
…but it has to be purple

Brilliant — and there are plenty more!

What’s the most amusing feedback you’ve heard? Just to be clear, that’s not feedback from one of your clients — it’ll be something said to another designer you happen to know!

  • “needs more… va-va-voom!”

    • Steve

      Now THAT made me laugh!

  • trq

    My brother works as a proof reader for a printing firm where they actually had a client complain that they wanted the url to there website to be *clickable* on there printed brochure. It took a few hours to figure out that they wanted it printed underlined and blue.

    • ha ha, after few years of experience with my girlfriend, I would understand what they wanted immediately…

  • OMG.it’s just hilarious :-)

  • Bob

    A real quote from an email sent to me:
    “We need you to make our website so more people buy from our site than from Amazon. By the way we can only give you $300 for the entire website.”

  • Michael

    Very very funny.

  • Some hilarious quotes… especially loving the one animated gif one not working when I print it out! That made me laugh!

    We’ve had some great comments from out customers when printing loyalty cards in either RGB or CMYK…

  • Jo

    My boss JUST told me “You don’t really have to change anything on this page but I want it to have an entirely different look.” -_-

  • “wordpress is free. why do u want money for the design?”

  • “make the design for free and u an put a link to your homepage in it”

  • Nice one. Made me laugh :)

    http://clientsfromhell.net/ is full of these too.

  • Bas

    Here’s another one:

    ‘you told me my site was live yesterday, but when I type it in Google nothing is found, please try to make it live once more”

    I’ve noticed, with google being everybody’s homepage, that people no longer use the url area in the browser to look for there website but typ in there domainname in google en than click through.

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