By Sam Deering

Hide Your jQuery Source Code

By Sam Deering

So i just wrote this awesome jQuery script but i dont want anyone to copy it!!! Obviously on most websites you can simply right click > view source and then if your using a browser like firefox simply click on the javascript file and you can view it’s contents. heypresto!

As you all know jQuery is JavaScript so it needs to be interpreted by the browser and as such needs to be visible. However, you can obfuscate/minify your JavaScript so that it becomes practically unreadable.


Some online tools you can use are:


Tips and Warnings:

  • CTRL+U is the hotkey for viewing the source code of a web page.
  • Disabling right click on the mouse will prevent nothing.
  • Note that if the browser can render the page then source code can be accessed and there is not much you can do to prevent a determined JavaScript code snitch.
  • Attempts to obfuscate code may lead to upto 9% of viewers not being able to use your site to its full potential (this includes search engines).

Other methods

I found this to be a neat little trick for hiding JavaScript code. This function will unload all linked javascript files so that when you view source – you see no javascript files! (Especially helpful when using FF and using web-developer tools – no linked js files are displayed) The files remain resident in memory – allowing for the functions to work.

function unloadJS(scriptName) {
var head = document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’).item(0);
var js = document.getElementById(scriptName);

function unloadAllJS() {
var jsArray = new Array();
jsArray = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’);
for (i = 0; i

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    • hmm..nice tutorial dude..

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    • Wayne


      I’m trying to get your hide javascript code to work.. It’s not working for me.
      Where do you put it?
      How do you call it?


      • jquery4u

        Hi Wayne, which code are you having trouble with, is it the unloadAllJS() function? Need more information about what your trying to achieve. Sam

        • gffg

          where i have to place these to function to work..and how to call these to function ?

    • what if someone tries to save the page..will they be able to get all the javascript functionality online?

      • Hi Geet, If someone saves the page to their computer (web page complete) then it will save all the .js, .css, images and page HTML so the page will still save JavaScript. However, any externally referenced files will only work if the computer is online, and any domain specific functionality will not work (ie if it’s using js to get the domain name which might be localhost it will be something like file:///C:/). Hope this makes sense.

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    • santosh

      where can i place this code

      • Hi Santosh, can you please explain further so I can help.

    • toy4fun

      There is a bug at line 10. Should be:
      for (i = 0; i < jsArray.length; i++){

      • Thanks mate, I’ve fixed it up.

    • kingwoodbudo

      Are these the types of techniques used by Google, Twitter and the other AJAX type websites that make their code unreadable when I view source? If they are doing something different what would that be if you know.

      Great information, by the way!

    • Terrizer

      Hi, I don’t get where do i need to insert those function code(unloadJS,unloadalljs). I’ve tried to insert at the beginning and the end of the js file using tag and also I’ve tried to insert at the document.ready function but still doesn’t work. (showing on chrome f12 view sources) pls help me out, thanks

    • Hi I am Mohammad Fazle Rabbi a new blogger . I am always try to make some unique design on my blog but every time others are copying my design by viewing blog source code through Firefox. So is there any way to disable source code in Firefox browser only. Because by this visitors can easily can see any selected section code. If anyone know kindly reply me. I will be grateful to you.

      Best Regards

      Mohammad Fazle Rabbi

      • Yosuaf Syed

        LOL you cant stop anyone to copy your theme you make a theme and i can design the same without seeing source code or even by seeing the image. if you want that no one copy your design on internet there is only one way just donot upload it to internet :D

        • lol true asif!… however you can make it harder for them to copy…

    • AshleeNiz

      where should I place unloadAllJS() function? , and for using this I want to call .js files in script src right ?

    • kem


      I’m able to apply your technique and it works. Even using save page as… cannot see the source code.
      But when it come to the debugger, every secrete revealed with a few click.

      This will work if you can disable the debugger as well.

      • chaitanya sai

        hi kem can you please tall me where ineed to paste this code

    • chaitanya sai

      hi admin i copied this code to my document.ready() function but this is not working please tell where do i need to paste this code to hide my jquery code

      thanks expecting quick reply

    • Sergi Sole

      We’ve launched a new Javascript Obfuscator called http:///

      It embeds the JS code into a image.

      It’s free and hope to he helpful …

    • Hn

      Nice concept, but it does not work!

    • Sergi Sole

      What version of IE are you testing?

      • Rodrick

        I use IE-8 for desktop OS-windows7 ultimate.

        Also none of any Windows-phone browser support that script. Such as IE-8.1, UC browser & Opera mini.
        I have testes several times.
        I also tried to implement Excanvas library but did not work ☹ .

    • Rob Watkins

      this doensnt really work, people who know how to write javascript can read your logic in compressed code its only hard to read if you dont know what your doing, ie dont have a degree in computer science.

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