Happenings in Not Rails

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In my last edition of Happenings in Ruby, a commenter pointed out that every one of my links was something about Rails. I didn’t realize it, of course, until it was shown to me. I am as guilty as anyone of propagating the Ruby IS Rails myth, I guess, so this week I will NOT mention R*** again. Let it never be said I don’t listen to our readers.

I hope you enjoy this edition’s links and such….here they are.

The Joke Is On Us: How Ruby 1.9 Supports the Goto Statement

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out this illuminating post by our own Pat Shaughnessy on how the keepers of Ruby have a sense of humor. If you have a burning desire to revert your local version of Ruby to the days of VB and Fortran, Pat shows you how. I still want Ruby to support a MAKE_CODE_SUCK_LESS compiler option…

iPhone App for Managing Your Heroku Applications

This is not directly Ruby (or R****) related, but I think enough of us deploy apps to Heroku that it makes it relevant. Nezumi is an iOS app that allows you to connect to your Heroku applications and do much of (if not all) the things you can do from the heroku command line client. It’s not free, but for $9.99 it’s worth it. Especially if you’ve found yourself on the train realizing that you deployed to the production app, then forgot to migrate the database right before you left the office…(no, I haven’t been fired…yet)

Ruby on Ales

Ruby on Ales is happening this week, and I am aware of just a few of the great presentations that are going on out on the other coast. I am REALLY hoping that they release these presos with video soon (or, at all) so I can drink ale and watch them in the comfort of my own home.

Rubies in the Rough

Rubies in the Rough is the venerable James Edward Gray II’s blog about Ruby. James is a Ruby Rogue, as well as being a crazy smart guy. He seems, to me, to be one of the more “real” well-known Ruby developers. The Rubies in the Rough series is not free (but, there are one or two free samples) but it’s cheap and well worth $6 month. I’ve noticed a move in our community to modest fees for great content, and I don’t have a problem with it (Don’t worry, Rubysource will always be free…)

Ruby Patterns from Github’s Codebase

This link has been all over Twitter and the Rubysphere, but I still felt the need to include it in our Happenings post. It’s that good. Zach explains some of the workflow and patterns used by Github with Ruby projects, and it’s all good. git add thisPost && git commit -m "Making the community better" I don’t know if they use Github in heaven, but if they don’t I bet they have a plan in place to switch to it.

Wrap Up

There you go, this round of Happenings. All R**** free, all the time. I am sure you appreciate the fact that I didn’t include any links like:

because they would have ruined our non-R**** approach this week.

Hack out!

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