By Sam Deering

Have your Google Feedburner feeds stopped working?

By Sam Deering

Update: The change below fixed it!

I just noticed that my feedburner subscription counts for all my sites have dropped to zero!


If you hit the address directly it seems to be still working. I have my feed redirected to feedburner from to but this is still in place and working.

Logged into Google Feedburner and see 0 subscribers.


And as you can see it’s dropped from around 1,800 to 0.


As you can see other sites are seeing the same thing:

I read somewhere that on 1 Dec some of the Google APIs were going to be deprecated, I don’t think Feedburner would have been on that list.


The Fix

Change feed address from to I’ve just done this now so hopefully the redirect will pick this up and the stats will be back to normal soon.

If anyone knows anything I don’t, share it might help someone else who runs into the same problem.

I just took a look at the Official Feeburner API page and it does look like Google have ditched further developments. A LOT of sites use this service so not sure why?

Important: The Google Feedburner APIs has been officially deprecated as of May 26, 2011 to reflect that they’re no longer undergoing active development and experimentation, which is the hallmark of APIs in the Code Labs program. However, we have no current plans to remove existing functionality.

If there is no plans to remove existing functionality, then no idea why the feed counts have broken if the API is still active which it looks like it is…

It seems changing the address above fixed it!

Alternatives to feedburner

Anyone know of any decent alternatives that won’t cost through the roof?

  • This has happened several times in recent months. But this time is taking longer to return to normal.

  • I think it’s broken for everybody. The new version of Feedburner (option is in the upper right hand corner) still has all the stats, but not all the options. I hope they get it fixed!

    • jquery4u

      It seems changing the address above fixed it! :)
      Other sites are still seeing 0 so it looks like they might need to do the same… now off to do my other sites!

  • Alan

    Thanks for the post…

    FYI, I had the same issue & just waited for the subscribers’ list & counter to return to normal…& they did! I didn’t need to change the feed url.

    I did not know that G deprecated the API for FB. Thanks for the heads up!

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