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10 Goal Setting and Tracking Tools to Keep You Motivated

Alyssa Gregory

Yesterday, I provided some tips for getting into the goal-setting mindset, including the importance of lining up support. Your support can take the form of a coach, colleague, friend or even a goal setting and tracking tool. This post provides a few options for you to explore if you are looking for a goal tracking tool to help keep you accountable.

Achieve Planner

Achieve Planner is time management and life planning software for Windows that helps you get organized, get focused, and make better use of your time. You can work with multiple projects and goals without feeling overwhelmed, plan your time for maximum productivity, and feel more focused and productive while you work toward your goals.


Declare-It is an online application that helps you easily create, track and be held accountable for your goals. It focuses on seven different areas of achievement to help you develop better habits and achieve your goals. It includes a built-in accountability system.

Get Goaling

Get Goaling is an online tool to help you set goals, plan actions and make progress. It is simple to set goals and track them to completion with the included goal setting tools and tracking options.


GoalEnforcer is a visual goal planning software that can help you plan, get focused and accomplish goals. You can set and rearrange a goals by dragging and dropping virtual objects. It includes color coding, status reports, and progress chart features for goal tracking.


GoalPro is goal setting software that lets you create, categorize and simplify goals. It includes action processes, performance tracking, reporting and daily journals to help keep you on track.


Goalscape goal setting software provides a unique visual display to help you identify, develop and communicate the key elements of any complex challenge, including overall structure, relative importance, and progress tracking. The tool lets you break down your challenge into manageable parts and track your progress.


An online goal setting tool to help you create SMART goals, track progress, manage goal-oriented tasks, plan daily activities, keep a journal, review reports and more.


Lifetick is web-based software that brings together goal setting and achievement through an intuitive and easy-to-understand process. This tool helps you gain perspective, stay on top of tasks, measure performance and manage your goals on the go.


MyGoalManager.com is a goal planning and organization tool that gives you everything you need to be your most organized and productive, even when mobile. The system helps you maintain better organization, craft detailed action plans, prioritize and more.

The Covey Community

The Covey Community is an online community built upon the principles of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It’s a support system with the sole purpose of helping people achieve the most important things in their lives. Features include a goal wizard, goal-setting programs, daily progress tracking and journals.