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Flowplayer Dynamic Video Size

By Sam Deering



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This is how you could go about making the Flowplayer video size dynamic. This could be handy if you have the video playing in a window which can be resized, or if you wish to play different variable bitrates for the video which operate at different resolutions usually at a scale ratio of 16:9 (width:height).

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jQuery Code

//change size
$('.change-size-btn').live('click', function(e)

    //find the video id
    var videoId = $(this).parents().find('.fms').attr('id');

    //vidDisplayType = fixed, fit, fullscreen
    var btnElem = $(this),
        vidElem = $('#'+videoId).find('object'),
        widgetContainer = $('#'+videoId).parents('.video-container'),
        vidDsplayType = btnElem.attr('vidDisplayType'),
        width, height;

    if (vidDsplayType == 'fixed')
        //get new fixed dimensions
        height = btnElem.attr('vidHeight'),
        width  = btnElem.attr('vidWidth');

    else if (vidDsplayType == 'fit')
        //get widget dimensions
        height = widgetContainer.height(),
        width  = widgetContainer.width();

    console.log('changing video size to ' + width + ' by ' + height + '...');
    // vidElem.height(height).width(width);
    vidElem.height(height).width(width).fadeIn("slow", function()
        $f().getScreen().animate({ "width" : width, "height" : height}, 500);


Video size:

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