By Alyssa Gregory

Top 5 Firefox Add-Ons for Boosting Productivity

By Alyssa Gregory

It’s no secret that I am on a constant quest to enhance my productivity. This is one area where there is always room for improvement, especially if you have a number of different focuses in your life, tend to over schedule, or simply want to get more done in less time.

My latest productivity focus has been on web- and browser-based tools. There will be more on this to come, but my first stop was in my primary browser, Firefox. I reviewed some of of my favorite Firefox extensions, and compiled a list of my top five Firefox add-ons for productivity.

Do you use any of these? What add-on would you add to the list?



CoolPreviews eliminates unnecessary tabs and windows by providing the ability to preview just about any link without ever leaving your current page or tab. There are a number of other features including search functionality, bookmarking, link sharing and more.



A useful tool for developers, designers or anyone who wants to know the dimensions of an object, MeasureIt simply allows you to draw a ruler across any page to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels.


Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee allows you to keep track of your most-used websites and opens them in tabs. You can organize your sites by day of the week and schedule them to open automatically. You can also open all of your favorite sites with one click if all of your tabs close inadvertently or if you want a fresh start.

Read It Later

Read It Later

Read It Later lets you save pages to a reading list to read when you have time. It has an offline reading mode so you can read the items you’ve saved for later anywhere, even without an Internet connection. You can also sync your list on multiple computers and mobile devices. There are other useful features such as sharing, text view and more.

Tree Style Tab

Tree Style Tab

This add-on provides a tree-style tab bar that works like a folder tree. New tabs opened from existing tabs are automatically attached to the current tab and they can be collapsed. This is useful if you tend to have a lot of tabs open at one time. You can also set your tabs to open vertically, collapse/expand sub trees, drag and drop and much more.

  • Jason

    Why use “Read It Later” when you can use Instapaper?

  • Tarh

    I’ve heard lots of good things about Tree Style Tab before, so I’ve installed it for experimenting.
    After my recent upgrade to Windows 7, I put the Taskbar on the right side of the screen for the first time ever (I’ve always left it at the bottom since Windows 95). That worked out extremely well, so I’m anticipating that moving my Firefox tabs over there should be a similar success.
    It sure will take some practice to break the “tabs up top” muscle memory, though…

  • kuppalli

    Nice article, really useful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Slavifox

    This pages makes Firefox 3.6.2 (on Windows XP SP3) crash everytime I load it. I used Opera to write this message.

    Kind regards


  • vumh25

    wow nice list . Thanx for sharing

  • NetNerd85

    Works fine for me Slavifox and I have the exact same setup.

    Good list but is there an addon that blocks you from doing non-work related things? you know, twitter, forums, facebook etc. that would be very handy haha =)

  • Sitepoint

    Nice article!……thanks for the great info

  • Balaswamy vaddeman

    nice once ,thank you for sharing.hope readitlater and coolpreviews will be very much useful.

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