By Alyssa Gregory

Facebook Pages Are Changing

By Alyssa Gregory

Many Facebook users are finally adopting the profile design changes that hit Facebook a few weeks ago. Now, Facebook is changing the design of Pages.

If you own a Page, you will soon be prompted to take a tour of the new Page design, then decide if you want to upgrade. Here is an overview of the changes.

Photos Are Front and Center

Just like the profile redesign, photos are moving to prime real estate. This area will show the most recent photos you’ve posted, or photos you tag your Page in. This area will not include any photos posted by people who like your Page.

No More Tabs

The tabs at the top of your Page will no longer be there. Links to the tabs can now be found underneath your Page’s profile picture. The text box that used to appear underneath your profile picture is no longer there either — it will now appear in the Info screen.

New Wall Filters

Pages now have two publicly visible Wall filters: “Posts by Page” and “Everyone.” If you are the admin of a Page, you will be able to view two more filters: “Most Recent” and “Hidden Posts.”


Use Facebook from Your Page’s Perspective

Perhaps the most interesting change is the ability to switch away from your personal profile and use Facebook as if you are your Page. When you’re using Facebook in Page mode, you will be able to receive notifications for your Page, view a News Feed for your Page, and like and post on other Pages as your Page. Click here for more on using Facebook as your page.

Email Notifications

This is a big one for all Page admins. There is now a setting (after you upgrade, go to Edit Page > Your Settings) that will send you email notifications when people post or comment on your Page.

And More…

There are also a few other features of note, such as the ability to feature other Pages that your Page likes, or admins of your Page.

There is a clear display of mutual connections shown when people visit your Page that shows their friends who also like your Page, as well as other Pages that both they and your Page like.

You can also change your settings to control whether you post and comment on your Page as you or as your Page.

What You Should Know Before You Upgrade

Once you upgrade your page to the new design, you can’t revert back to the old design. And if you don’t upgrade manually, it will automatically be done for you on March 1.

You may also need to adjust the size of your Page’s profile picture. The profile picture size used to be 200×600, and it is now 180×540. A profile graphic that is too big will appear, but it will be cut off on the right.

What do you think?

Overall, these are welcome changes in my perspective … some more than others. I could do without the photos being right on top because I typically don’t use photos for my business Pages. But the email notifications addition, a feature many Page admins desperately wished for, makes up for that.

I also wish there was a way to change the icon displayed in the new left-side navigation. Right now, it shows the icon for app which typically isn’t relevant to the content (for example, if you have an FBML tab, it will show the FBML icon next to the name of what used to be your tab).

Otherwise, I think these changes have a great deal of promise. I will be testing them out over the next few days and time will tell what impact they have on engagement, communication and community.

What do you think of the changes? Will you upgrade your Pages now?

  • Hey Alyssa,

    Thanks for this writeup – it’s wonderfully detailed and quite helpful. I’d heard about the changes this morning on Twitter from Ed Dale but there wasn’t anything written up about them to explain what was happening, just that he had the new profile.

    As far as upgrading, I’ve got the upgraded admin area, but the actual page area is still showing tabs. I gather I’ve not the option to upgrade yet? (Do you happen to know how they choose folks to get these updates early? It’s annoying having to wait once these things have been announced…)

    • Also – Glenn Allsopp from ViperChill.com (@ViperChill) reported that he lost a bunch of wall posts when he upgraded just now. Something to consider before upgrading?


      • NY

        I do NOT like the relevance posting. I want chronological order. This has been the biggest fiasco as far as customer service goes. There is no option on the page to change it even when you chose everyone it still posts in relevant order. (FB’s relevance is different than our companies) Hopefully it will be something they fix by March 1st. We lost our wall posts and we also now can not answer posts in order of submission. It a customer service nightmare.

      • Wilson Tech for Adult Students

        We prefer the chronological postings too. What was relevant in September may or may not be relevant to the spring courses we offer. Also, I cannot figure out what parameters Facebook used to determine what posting was more relevant than another. Shouldn’t our business model have something to say as to what we think is relevant?

  • PrinceBoucher

    How do you upgrade now?

    • If the upgrade is available to you, you’ll see a banner on the top of your page when you log in that says, “New! An Upgrade for Pages” and it will give you an option to Preview or Upgrade.

      @Laneth – Not sure how they decide who gets the upgrade now…very random, it seems.

      • I did see that – it’s available for my boss’ page, even though it’s only been active for about two months, yet my pages that are over a year old and far more active are not yet getting the upgrade option :(

        It’s a personal irk of mine when things like this happens, because I so very rarely get granted or invited “beta” or early access to anything like this. Sometimes I think I’m cursed by the intarwebs… (j/k)

      • Anonymous

        Just 2 hours ago I saw this an wondered why was this happening, Is this some sort of hack? I mean you never know now do you !

  • Alyssa

    My first problem is the Wall filtering. I discover that my page, which is used as a kind of community page for locally owned businesses, can only either show just my posts (but all of them) or include posts by our fans (but not all of them.) This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. It is vital for me to have all my posts show, but I also have encouraged our community to post. If they can’t see all the posts, they are missing out on the flow.

    I’m also not a fan of the new navigation for the reason you mentioned (the icons don’t jive) and it seems to make important business tabs less important. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Considering that businesses are the ones who pay Facebook, I’m surprised they’d screw us in this way. I gamely upgraded and thought I would lead the way with adopting the new page layout. (Not that I’d have a choice in a few weeks.) Now I wish I hadn’t.


    • I really hate the tabs becoming links, too. They are definitely losing visibility, and it’s going to hurt businesses who use their FB page as a mini website.

      • I’d have to agree, getting rid of the tabs for side-links is harsh.

        Those side-links are NEVER where I think to go first when looking for things on the FB site due to years of looking for the directional links at the top of each page – that’s where it’s always been, why change it now??

  • R. Bradley Bonds

    I’m anonymous for the moment, due to my failure to keep up with my username and password. I only wanted to say that I shared this on my Facebook.

    This is me: http://www.facebook.com/bradsarabonds

    And here’s what I said: SitePoint speaks … I listen, since around 2003-2004 when I discovered their stuff, which catapaulted me in my studies. Here they say Facebook is making more changes. Some of it sounds okay; some of it sounds cruddy. But that doesn’t matter, because there is no choice anyhow.

  • just saw this new feature and messed up with something and change my facebook url to fan page url. Its hard to understand initially how to use these new features

  • Jobguy

    Not sure why when I try to do a customized banner with the photos (similar to those seen on personal pages) the photos’ order keeps cycling through, preventing me from making a customized banner.

  • Kim

    It would be helpful if some explanation was given as to why the music players disappear after the upgrade and what can be done to have them reappear.

  • MissEm

    Has anyone read the Facebook Developers page today??

    This is quoted at the bottom:
    “With our recent launch of Requests and the support for iframe on Pages Tabs, we are now ready to move forward with our previously announced plans to deprecate FBML and FBJS as a primary technology for building apps on Facebook. On March 11, 2011, you will no longer be able to create new FBML apps and Pages will no longer be able to add the Static FBML app. While all existing apps on Pages using FBML or the Static FBML app will continue to work, we strongly recommend that these apps transition to iframes as soon as possible.”

    This will affect quite a few people, but on the plus side iFrames are awesome and I’ve been working with iFrames on Facebook for a few months now.

    I’m off to have a play now and have some fun with iFrames on my Fan Page! Yay!


    • Linda

      Thanks for this… do you have a resource on how to use iFrames that you’d recommend? Assume with iFrames you get nicer looking nav buttons?

    • Pascal

      Well …. I read all your comments .. but nobody seems to know that iframes are a REAL BIG SECURITY ISSUE!!

      It’s too big an issue to be explained in 1 line. I think it will be important to know which kinds of iframes issues you need to know about along with the intention of using it.
      Look this site, it may be an older page , but the issues are still the same: http://www.thespanner.co.uk/2007/10/24/iframes-security-summary/

      Why Facebook chooses to start using iframes … makes me wonder about their real intentions! Did they made a contract with Google?

      regards Pascal.

    • Brian

      iFrames are a great way to let viruses in via links to dangerous sites …

  • djdmsr

    And about recomendation? any changes?
    Is back the ability to recomend this page to your friends or only Admin can?

    I notice like many others admins (see in forums) that sended recomendations don’t arrive more in friends notifications since middle/end of january. Who notice this? bug? punishment (I use a bookmarklet “select.all” for invite friends in a iframe opened in a “new tab”)?

    (sorry for my poor english)

    Great site!

  • Melissa R Wheeler

    I am not liking the newer page (sorry maybe bcs i was use to the other way) But my mine thing is that on my “local Business fan page” I am now un able to see the “Friends that like my page” and I no longe have a “Sugest this page to a friend” link/button.

  • Ross

    I don’t know how I feel about these changes yet. I need to sleep on it for a couple nights haha. I’m sure we’ll all get used to it since we have to adapt anyway…. between blog posts like yours and the community at bit.ly/hBxVuH I am fully able to stay on top of this stuff!


  • itsame

    Not up to date with pages.

    Is it possible for regular people to create them? As many as we like?

    If so, using the “use facebook as page” couldn’t we use it for privacy reasons? Keep our personal profile pretty private, and use a page identity as our main public chatty face?

    Would that work?

  • New reader

    I upgraded to the new layout–and can now longer see the pictures of the people who ‘like’ our organization. It only displays “686 people like this” and there’s a link to see the pictures. Can anyone tell me: is it possible to change settings so the pictures are displayed? Or is this locked down in the new layout? It feels so impersonal this way.

    • Linda

      Wow.. I’ve noticed that on some other pages, but didn’t realize why it was happening. That would be quite a loss…

    • The photos have moved over to the right sidebar. When someone comes to your page, it will show them how many of their friends are also fans of the page…unfortunately, it’s not possible to change that, as far as I know.

  • norahsul

    Hi Alyssa

    Thanks for the detailed write-up; I actually upgrade it yesterday but I didn’t feel it was so much of an “upgrade” more than just “oh, facebook is forcing us to change the UI, AGAIN”.. not something I am articular fond of..
    But it’s also good to read some of your tips too! Thanks again!

  • Linda

    Mashable reports that the change becomes standard for all on March 10.

  • JanW

    Put the TABS back, the update is only a setback now

  • Kimmo

    Have you noticed that “suggest to friends” is visible, but broken also to admins. Remaining so it will be big strategy changer.

  • chris

    how to use the iframes which will create tabs where the photos are


  • Ricardo

    Hi Allysa, thanks for the post,
    But I don’t understand why I can not tag my friends in my notes. One week ago when I write a note linking to my website, I could tag 25 friends at least, but right now that possibility is gone.
    It’s true that I can tag other pages, but what I want is to redirect to my contacts to my site, because is about histories and tales.
    thank you so much!

    • @Ricardo – I don’t know the exact answer to your question, but there are two possibilities. One is that it seems that once you upgrade your interaction becomes more Page-to-Page focused instead of Page-to-Person (this is just my own impression). The second possibility is that it’s just broken right now. I’ve noticed more than the normal quirks lately in FB, probably due in part to the changes, so it’s possible it’s just a temporary glitch.

  • able

    the boxes are gone!!!!! thats the worst. i had my music and my links to my records in boxes right on the front page and fbook is going to just delete them. am i the only one rip sh** about this.

  • bladelink

    Has anybody figured out how to reorder or drop any of the links on the left (used to be tabs). I’ve seen screen shots from other sites that show a “more” and an “edit” option at the bottom of those links, but that doesn’t show up for me, and I can find no other way to manipulate those links. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    • Jodi Pereira

      I’m having the same issue. Would love some feedback on this.

  • Amy

    Does anyone know why I can’t see the posts by my page members anymore? My settings say that anyone can post, but since the upgrade, I’m not seeing any. I’m getting emails telling me that people are posting, but nothing shows up on the wall. How can I remedy this?

  • Brett Widmann

    It is really cool to see how far facebook has come in the last few years! Thanks for this cool article.

  • How I can change icon of FBML tabs ?

  • Mary Dawson

    Absolutely hate the new facebook friends cannot find me ….neither can I, search my name then home town… shows no result

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