By Alyssa Gregory

Using Facebook as Your Page

By Alyssa Gregory

Yesterday, I wrote a post outlining the changes to Facebook Pages. These are pretty big changes, and from the comments I’ve seen so far, they introduce the potential for some issues, particularly for businesses who use Facebook Pages.

Since it appears this upgrade is happening, with or without the blessing of the people behind the estimated 3 million Pages on Facebook, we should learn as much as we can as quickly as we can about how to use the new design effectively.

I did some poking around in one of the most confusing features — using Facebook as if you are logged in as your Page, not you. Here is a look at what I’ve discovered.

How to Login as Your Page

There are two ways to switch between profile mode and Page mode. From your Page, you can click the link on the right that says “Use Facebook as [Your Page Name],” and then switch back by clicking “Use Facebook as [Your Name].”

You can use the navigation at the top by clicking on “Account,” then “Use Facebook as Page,” or the link to switch back.


What You Can Do as Your Page

Basically, anything you do while using Facebook as your Page will appear on Facebook as coming from your Page.

You can view notifications of Page activity and new fans on your page through the top navigation bar. The friend requests icon now displays new fans and the notifications icon displays new activity on your Page:

You can view a news feed with stories about your Page and Pages you like (can access by clicking the Facebook logo when logged in as your Page):

You can also subscribe to the activity feed of your own Page:

You can “like” other Pages, share from other Pages to your Page, and comment on posts by other Pages, as your Page:

What You Can’t Do as Your Page

Through my own trial and error, this is what I’ve found won’t work.

I couldn’t interact with any personal profile that has privacy setting enabled; I could only share from my own profile to my Page. According to Facebook, it’s only possible for you to comment on profiles as your Page if a person allows everyone on Facebook to comment on their posts.

I also couldn’t use Facebook as my Page from my iPhone. According to Facebook, this functionality is not available for any mobile phones.

These changes will certainly take some getting used to. I’m finding it especially cumbersome to juggle the various login capabilities as the admin of multiple Pages. Between the Pages and a personal profile, it takes some extra diligence to ensure you’re posting to the right place as the right entity.

But all changes take time, and we’ll have to see how these impact Facebook users after the dust settles. I’m interested to hear your own feedback if you’ve explored the new changes. What do you love? Hate?

  • Keith

    Did you work out how to connect twitter with your page without having to login with your personal profile?

    • Craig

      If you haven’t already solved this you can do it by going to your facebook privacy settings >Apps and websites (edit your settings) >Apps you use (edit settings) >Twitter (edit settings) >Click on Twitter >Go To App > Check or uncheck boxes relevant under “App Permissions”.

  • Ben

    I tried to use the top row of images as a designed set in sequence like people have been doing since the new personal profiles appeared. After trying for ages with a cool row of 5 images, I realized that Facebook have randomized them! So don’t bother in other words.

    • raven

      You can still use your 5 favorite pics, just have to go back and untag and retag with your name on them, in the reverse order of how you want them to appear at the top of your profile page. It gets changed/updated every time someone tags you in any other photo, so if you have photo-active friends, this may become a PITA.

      good luck.

      • Courtney Dirks

        Good tip, I was trying to figure this exact thing out today! Glad I came across your comment!

      • rafael

        Even after untagging/retagging, this trick won’t work on pages (as of Feb. 25 2011). The images will appear randomly at the top of the page each time it’s refreshed. Hopefully it’s fixed in future updates/enhancements.

    • Viidar

      On Pages the top 5 images will always appear randomly. On a Profile, however, you may set them in a ordered sequence.

  • Vivek Parmar @WebGuide4U

    Well i do not want to use facebook as my page because it becomes hard for me to track what’s going on my profile page.

  • LA_Antley

    I am not liking the ‘update’- even after viewing the tour, you can not decline and have the prompt go away. And, as you stated, switching from each profile is cumbersome and too likely to cause a cross-post, which may not be easy to correct once it happens.

  • Alirio

    Hi there

    If I do this I still will have the The 5000 facebook friend-limit ?

    Thank you

    • Cal


      • If you don’t have the 5000 friend limit and exceed that number, what happens when you want to switch back to your profile?

  • Gary

    I want to use Facebook as my page but it seems I have to change the view every time I log back in. Is there any way to make the switch Permanent?

    • David

      Use two browsers at the same time, eg. Firefox as your profile and Safari as your FB page

      • Hillary

        I’m not worried about seeing the two types of views – I just want to use FB as my page all the time, but it never remembers my setting. Do I really have to click “switch” every time I login?

    • rafael

      the only way to do that would be to create the page, then swith your personal account to a business account. But, assuming you already created the page from a personal account with fans and everything, it may not be worth the trouble.

      • solmead

        How do you switch from a personal account to a business account?

  • Dude

    I think these changes make very little sense. The business page should not be forced to operate the same way a personal page does. It just makes it more confusing. And I really don’t like having to “use Facebook as” my business page just to get notifications if someone comments on it. Why couldn’t they have just added fan page notifications into your personal notifications? They could just be tagged “business page” or something like that so you’d know where it came from. Instead I have to constantly switch back and forth between the two as my active account. And suddenly I have two different news feeds to look at? Facebook missed the boat here. Simplify instead of over-complicate.

    • Jennifer

      I know what you mean, Dude. I thought it would be included in the latest FB update. Just wanted you you know I’ve been using HyperAlerts to get page notifications. It’s free & it works very well. http://www.hyperalerts.no/

    • Mary Lee

      I actually like the changes. There have been many times that I wanted to share facebook content on my business page as my business, not my personal profile.

      I never received notifications before at all, at least this way I can get them. I like keeping my business and personal very separated and that used to be harder to do on Facebook. I think this functionality and separation is meant for those who do want the ability to keep things separate. If you don’t like using it, just don’t use Facebook as Page. Things won’t be that much different.

  • Roxanne Ready, Ready Designs

    So conversely, if I’m not using FB as my page but post to my page’s wall, I’ll be posting as myself? Bleh, all that does is add an extra step of switching profiles before I can post anything. Like the previous commentor, I don’t want to remain in page mode.

    Anyway, thanks for the clear explanation.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Thanks for sharing your observations. In order to market on Facebook successfully it’s important to keep up with the frequent changes to the site. Since your Facebook page is an extension of your business and your brand you don’t want to get caught posting a status that was meant for your personal page, or vice versa.

  • DestinationHarley

    Like Box showing my wall on my site, is disabled when I am using facebook as my page. I went back to the likebox creator and inserted my URL and nothing shows.

    • DestinationHarley

      Strange – it only affects Google Chrome..

  • David

    @Alyssa where do you find Your Notifications when using FB as a page ?

    • @David – When you are using FB as your page, you’re Page notifications will replace your personal notifications (the globe in the top nav to the left of the search box).

      • David

        Yes, but what I could not find from your comment above:

        “You can also subscribe to the activity feed of your own Page:”

        was a panel with “Your notifications” and the set of icons including SMS and RSS

      • David

        aha found it under Notifications >> See All Notifications

  • David

    You can also provide direct feedback to Facebook here:


    • Amz

      Great. I can only access this page Im told if I switch back to my Amz profile. But I cant switch back because every time I try I get a blank screen.

  • Amy Tranter

    I am having a very hard time with the updated page too. I would like my visitors to see the comments and posts from my other “fans” or “likers”, but it seems they can only do so if they are an Admin in Admin view. Can this setting be changed?? If not, people only see what I post and not all the interaction and giveaways and things we do to keep fans in the loop.

  • Francesco

    Actually, I love the new pages. I always saw people asking for the ability to post as page or as real user… and now they’ve finally given this to us!

    Al the rest is not even remotely as important, so I really have to thank Facebook for this update!

    (I also just found myself posting as page in another page’s discussion… on purpose! This too can come handy, then.)

  • Jonathan Glazier JG

    Hi Tonight after using my page I coudn’t switch back to my personal profile, worrying for a while. After several attempts and just sitting a a white browser port I decided to log out of FB and log back in and phew I was me again. I recreated the fault 3 times.

    • Lukas Turpin

      I had exactly the same problem. In the end i skipped using this new thing at all. Every time I switched my profile to the page I couldn’t get back and do anything with my page (edit it, do searching, add links, photos etc.) It was impossible and ended on a white screen. Waste of time!

  • Ali

    I find that i can switch to my page, but every time i want to SWITCH back, it just gets stuck and i have to logout and log back in. GRRRR! Also the ability to tag people in a status update using @ seems to not work any longer??

    • Nick

      What happened next?

  • @demonicdnb

    The thing I was looking forward to the most was to be able to post to my personal page’s friends as a page, but they didn’t implement that. I’m SURE SURE SURE SURE SURE, that was the most requested feature, and the one that seems truly useable, and yet we didn’t get it. For the most part, the new features seem nominal, if not even useless, at best.

  • Kate

    The follower list is also not visible. It just says “xx page likes”. Do you know how I can make list of my followers (fans) visible to all?

  • Nicha

    For the last 48 hours, my Facebook business page has ‘frozen’ so to speak. Notifications are not being cleared even if I click on them, I have been unable to post anything to the page and if I use Facebook as my page, I have been unable to switch back to myself.
    Any suggestions?

  • Amz

    I knew I shouldnt have used the stupid new Facebook feature.
    I opted to ‘use Facebook as page’ and now I cant switch back to my profile. Every time I click ‘switch back to Amz’ I get a blank page.
    And the Facebook help system is crap. They dont address issues, just fob users off with their problem discussion area where no one gets answered.
    And also I cant edit the page Im stuck on & I cant clear notifications.
    Not enough money put into testing this feature before release I think!

  • Amy

    I’m having problems with my page too. I switched to ‘Use as page’ 17.02.11 and now I can’t edit my page, I can’t switch back to my personal profile – it just goes to a blank page. AND the most frustrating part is that there’s no email even to report the fault to facebook!!!

  • 4ndyman

    For basic feed use, download Tweetdeck. You can add a column for each Facebook page you manage, plus your personal page, that will show you those Pages’ feeds, and you can post to any or all of those accounts from your desktop. It’s hella easier if you post from your profile and your Pages regularly, and it just runs on your desktop, so you don’t have to worry about how Facebook futzes with the interface.

    • Orla

      I’m having a nightmare with pages too – same as above – after I switch to my page I can’t switch back to my personal – I get a white screen. I can’t post a URL to my page – nothing happens when I try and I can’t edit the page anymore. When I click the option to edit the page it looks like its having a good old think about it but again nothing happens! The only way I can actually get info onto my FB page at the moment is through tweetdeck but I usually only use that for ‘tweet’ like posts so the formatting of the posts are limited. What in earth is going on with Facebook!

    • Tim

      I can’t get Tweedeck and Facebook to talk when it comes to the page I manage. The process fails in the facebook “allow” pop-up screen every time. Comes back with an “unexpected error”.

      Is anyone else having this problem? It’s driving me crazy!! :-)

  • Ali

    ive had to logout and log back in to come back as “myself”. Posting as a page doesn’t work at all. Its doing some damage to my business right now as I cant get my updates and things out as fast and efficiently as before. People lose interest quickly. I hope like hell someone from there is reading this blog and SORTING IT OUT! Having same issues as all of you… hugs

  • Ali

    I found this: http://mattmoorewrites.wordpress.com/2011/02/13/why-use-the-use-facebook-as-page-option/

    If this is the case, it sucks. I want it back the way it was.

  • Industrial Radical

    We’re experiencing the same “use as page” problems as people have mentioned above. Everything works fine on a normal profile, but when using as a page we can’t make posts, perform searches, link using the “@” symbol within posts, or switch back to a personal profile. At least, not without logging out and logging back in and/or clearing the browser’s cache.

    Going to try Tweektdeck as suggested above. I do use Hootsuite, which is able to post to the Facebook page (even though I can’t do that through Facebook itself!), so hopefully Tweetdeck will be a workaround until the problem is fixed.

  • Rob

    Same problems for me, can’t click Like or make posts when using as a page.

  • Arjun

    Hey folks,

    I switched my fb account as a page but when i tried to switch back to original (), it loads http://www.facebook.com/identity_switch.php and halts.

    No more redirection takes place.. please help .me…


  • sno

    the whole identity-switching thing does not seem to work reliably yet. i am managing several pages and get a lot of white screens and “lock-ups” while switching back and forth.

  • Lukas Turpin

    I can’t use Facebook as a Page. Every time when I switch between my profile and page I can’t get back – the white screen is appearing. Also Edit and Like buttons don’t work, searching is impossible not to mention creating albums or sharing links. Does anybody had the same problem? Any solution to that?

  • Cynthia Hermanny

    I am the Admin of my daugther’s page, whose name is Marina. When I am using Facebook as me, I want to comment something on her page, but I can’t, because it’s like she was commenting, not me.

    • Rebecca Chan

      I have a similar issue! I am the admin of a few pages, along with other people. I’d like to “like” or comment on statuses I don’t make, but it makes them as the page and not as me. Quite frustrating!

  • David

    @Cynthia – there is an option under Edit Proflle>> Your Settings >>Posting Preferences to “Always comment and post on your page as [XXPAGEXX] even when using Facebook as [XXPROFILEXX]”

    Uncheck it and you can post as your profile.

    • Tony Koch

      Thanks for the tip David.

  • kym

    can someone please tell me how I can get a wall page to come up as a url. for instance if I am not logged into facebook but i type in:

    http://www.facebook.com/scholastic – one of their pages appears and a sign up button in the left

    but when i type in our organization’s facebook url – i get the standard facebook login page.

    it is defaulted to go to the wall page.

  • Joseph

    It does suck that there are so many options and choices for business that it can be confusing as to which is best. Business Page, fan page, app page, product page, etc. Making sure you select the right one before getting started is even difficult since there is no clear difference posted by facebook. Here’s our new FB Page yet to be tweaked: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Affordable-SEO-Packages/182809855089255

  • Tanja

    Can I Use Facebook as Page and then delete my own account and only use page account

  • bob g

    has anybody gotten this problem: i manage a page but now it does not show up as a page I manage. I cannot edit. No matter how I try I cannot get into it to change the content. It just doesn’t show up on the “use facebook as page” pop up, my other pages do, but not the one I need to get to. any ideas? maybe i got hacked….

  • Brooke

    One huge drawback I’ve encountered is that you can no longer tag Groups. I have a sub-set of Facebook Groups that are related to my Page, and I can’t tag them in posts, only link to them.

    I can’t even VIEW them as a Page, bummer!

  • Anna-Maria

    I cannot “like” other pages as my page, can do it only as my profile. But I really want only to use Facebook Page for everything. help?

  • Rebecca Chan

    I can’t @ tag people as a page. I use a Mac, I’ve tried google chrome and Safari and nothing seems to work. Other admins of the same page can @ tag individual people. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Lena

    This might have already been addressed- I can’t tell for sure, but I am trying to figure out how to comment on someone’s wall that has become a fan. I’d like to personally go through and thank them while advertising a contest, but am not getting the option unless I log in to my personal account.

  • Maliska

    I have noticed that sometime when I am logged in as a page and I want to post on another page it shows me their “like” button as if I had not already liked them. When I click on it I am told that I have already made the connection. After leaving the page and coming back a few times I am able to post like normal. Has anyone else seen this?


    • Sean

      I’ve noticed that all of the “like” buttons on my business blogs are missing when I’m logged in as a page (my company). I revert back to my personal profile and the buttons come back.

  • Pruef

    Hi Alyssa, as someone starting up a small business facebook has been terrific but the changes you mention have been frustrating. It is very easy to post as the wrong entity. And now I can’t tag from my business page and don’t know why nor my iPhone which with two young daughters makes it harder as I have to crank up the computer. The most frustrating bit is facebook has been brilliant and yellowbrickroad market has grown and interacts with lots of fans but I can’t tag to let others know about pages I find. It is so hard to get answers via facebook. Your article was good to read as I can relate!

  • Sue

    Hi Alyssa, As a new business owner and new to facebook I am trying to get my head around something. I have a personal page and a business page. I would like to know how I can “like” my business page from my personal page. There is no “like” when I am signed in as myself trying to “like” my business. Is this possible?
    I have tried “use facebook as your page” with no success. Can you talk me thru some steps for a facebook dummy.
    Hope you can offer some advice.

    • Hi Sue! No, you cannot ‘Like’ your own Page from the Profile that created it. However, most businesses that use FB as part of their marketing strategy, create their business Profile using their business email rather than their personal email and then create a Page from that account. This means you can ‘Like’ your business Page from your personal account and, thereby, start building your ‘Like’ count. There is a lot of confusion about the relationship between Facebook Likes, Profiles and Pages which we have tried to address in our blog http://blog.angellightphotography.co.uk/?p=218. Hope this helps answer your question.

  • To use Facebook as Page on iPhone see: http://blog.angellightphotography.co.uk/?p=170. To better understand the effects of ‘Liking’ when using profile or page see: http://blog.angellightphotography.co.uk/?p=218. When sharing to another user’s Page your post will go into their Hidden Posts area which they can then approve as necessary. Hope these pointers help.

  • Paula

    Hi Alyssa,
    Great, very helpful, articles! Could you please help with a newbie question. To install any app FB asks me to switch back to ‘myself’. So I just attempted to install the youtube app but it states

    “To access this page, you’ll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself.”

    but I don’t want to put the app on my personal page so I am stumped lol

    • Had the same problem Paula, and I agree. I don’t know what crazy logic FB used to link our personal pages to business pages.
      I also had to go through the log off, clear cache, etc to get some apps to work or even show up in my various browsers (both PC & MAC) and here is the solution I found. On your personal profile, you should see your pages listed on the left.
      Click on that link for your page, and you can then edit your page. You will still be under your personal profile, but for working with apps, this is how to do it. The apps won’t show up on your personal page.
      And sometimes even to view the finished app, i had to completely log out to see them working on the page. Appears FB has just as many million bugs as it does users.
      As I am getting discouraged from wasting too much valuable time, every time FB makea a change, I do hope in the future there will be some good competition for them.

  • Mohamed Hamada

    i can’t find “Use Facebook as [Your Name].”
    i can’t go back to use the facebook as “ME” :(

  • lancecampeaumusic

    This Facebook feature is hilariously stupid and poorly written/coded. The worst and most confusing interface they have come up with to date…

    I can’t wait for Google + to kick off….

  • Hi,

    I have been having problem editing the “basic information” under my fan page since quite a while ago 3-4 months?). My profile has the same name as my fan page. When I switched to use my facebook as my fan page, I clicked “edit page”, and then tried to edit the tab “basic information”, but after I was done and click “save”, the tab would come to a blank page without showing anything. Then I would click “view my page” and see if the info was channged and each time I tried and they didn’t get changed at all! Did anyone experience the same problem? I submitted few times to report this issue to facebook, but never got any email or anything! Please help!

  • Thats Great Info. I m sure new business owner can benefit.

  • Sorry to trouble you, but could you figure out how to obtain email notifications from ppl that like your page. For some reason I am the admin and I don’t receive these emails. I have tried everything I can think of to no avail.

    Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

  • Amy Hanson

    Do you know how to create the “also on” option. I see many businesses with Yelp noted in an “also on” section on the left hand side. I can not for the life of my figure out how to figure this out.

    Please help. :)

    Thanks! Amy

  • Hi there,
    When I log in to facebook, I get a screen that says YOUR PAGES and then lists my 5 clients pages. I don’t seem to be able to find a profile at all and I seem limited in what I can do on these pages. (I cannot like any other pages) Do I need a different username / password to access my profile? Am I right in saying that pages cannot stand alone and so MUST be linked to a profile?
    There is nowhere that says switch between… or use facebook as…
    I am so confused!

  • Palwasha

    My page fan following is increasing day by day but i am not able to see their number.It is just showing 6 fans. What to do???

  • I was wondering if I can delete my personal facebook page (just getting a bit tired of the virtual world that brings you back to the past) and just sign on and use my company page or company group almost the same way as I was using my personal page. Basically I’d just like to use facebook for business from now on…..but, of course, a few family members would still like to be able to interact with me. Is this possible? I made a group, and then “pages” came out and I made a page….which of these would be better used for my business and allow me to interact much the same as I did on my personal page.

  • onmaum

    My user name that I have on my account should actually be my page name.
    How can I correct this problem?
    Can I just edit my user name and then reassign the same user name to my page name?

    Or, if I edit my current username, will facebook block that user name for future use by anyone including myself?

  • Anonymous

    helped me a lot thanks! :)

  • Reina

    HI there, wondering if you can help me? I have a page and after being able to do most things as my page, I suddenly am unable to link to others pages (from my page, as my page). So I click on their name, lets say they have posted on my page wall, and nothing happens, my puter tells me its trying to do something, but nadda. Any reason why this function has suddenly stopped for me. very frustrating as people are mentioning my page in other posts and I cant get over there to comment as my page, i have to switch back to my personal profile and comment using that. (i have a Worpress blog connected to this page and blog updates linked to my personal profile). many thanks.

    • Jess

      Hi Reina.
      This is the same problem I am having, I have only just set my page up but I don’t seem to be able to post anywhere as my business page, have you come up with any answers yet?

  • Aisha

    I want to be able to access my page as the user from my iPhone. I can’t read my news feed from my phone which is inconvenient for my business. This needs to be made possible with new iPhones.

  • Perl’s Pocket

    My problem doesn’t seem to be addressed anywhere else so I’ll try here…

    When using facebook as my page, none of the wall posts on my page appear, none by me nor anyone else….. when looking at my page from an associate’s page it the same thing.

    When using a personal account, everything on my page’s wall is visible, but why is it that no other page can see anything posted on my wall????

    This is really stumping me, I have three pages, when using facebook as a page of any of the others, all the info is fine, it is only this one page that comes up with no posts on my wall… what gives?

    Searched all the privacy stuff and everything on my page is available to all, but somehow not available for other pages to view…. please please help…

  • Festus

    I created a page some years ago, i only comment and post on the page when i search for it . I dont know how to administer the page, send sms to the members and even chose the officers. Please i shall apreciate your quik response.

  • Jess

    Hi I have just created my business page but i created it separately from my personal, I don’t have any option to sign in as personal or business, How do I link these?

    Most importantly all i want to do is be able to post on other page walls and profile walls, I was a little confused reading the above but are you saying this IS NOT possible? I don’t understand, other small businesses which are listed as pages seem to be able to post on other page walls as themselves but not me.. Help, please help.

    • Nomad

      1. “Like” your business page
      2. Log in as your business page.
      3. Make your personal profile an admin
      4. If you don’t want your business page to show up on your personal profile, you can “unlike” yet remain an administrator

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