Enter our Reader Survey … and Win an iPad!

By Tom Museth

OK people, we need your input.

SitePoint would be a lonely place indeed without you, our readers — and we’d like to hear what you have to say about us. We’ve published a SitePoint Network Reader Survey, and if you have a few moments, head over there to fill in a short questionnaire. It is brief, we promise; we reckon it’ll take you about four minutes to go through. Nobody likes surveys that read like novels, right?

To make it worth your while, we’re giving away a 16gb 4th Generation iPad to one lucky entrant. Thought that’d make you smile …

Thanks for your time, and for being a loyal SitePoint reader!

  • Well, I’ve tried a couple times but the survey just takes me to the “Thanks for Completing” page.

  • jlemesur

    Where is the survey? The link seems to be just a reg. for Survey Monkey.

    • jlemesur

      I found the link to the survey under Related Posts ‘Take Our Reader Survey and Win an iPad!’.

  • I completed the survey! I hope I win the giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  • Malane

    Several questions demand a selection without correctly allowing you an opt-out.

    The question: Which of the below best describes your job? is missing a radio button for “Other” so even after you’ve entered data in the “Other” textarea you still have to choose a different occupation before you can continue with the survey.

    At least one of the: Has your company purchased, or made plans to purchase…? questions was missing an N/A choice thereby forcing an answer.

    It would also be nice if you realised that some of your readers are not linked in any way with the web industry in the employed life and reflected this in the available choices on your survey.

  • Ajay Joseph

    who is the winner?

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