By Shayne Tilley

Do Your Web Forms Suck?

By Shayne Tilley

Fancy Form Design CoverFrankly, most web forms do, whether because of poor usability, a lack of aesthetic values, or both. Fortunately, most of you realize this and seek out help—evident by the popularity of Fancy Form Design Using CSS, one of our all-time most successful tutorials.

However, this tutorial could only cover so much, so about six months ago we contacted some of the top web heavyweights—Derek Featherstone, Jina Bolton, and Tim Connell—to share their insights with us.

If you’ve been at any web conference in the past year, you’ve probably heard these individuals speak about web design at events like Web Directions, dConstruct, An Event Apart,and Webmaster Jam—this trio know what fancy is all about!

We’ve now compiled all their knowledge and best-practice advice into a practical, full-color book that will teach you how to create visually stunning and usable web forms, from start to end.

With Fancy Form Design, you’ll:

  • learn the basics of grid design and typography
  • discover how to use color and images effectively
  • find out how to structure forms for maximum usability
  • gain tips for writing useful instructions, errors, and advisory text to eliminate user frustration and form abandonment
  • grasp how to style web forms using CSS to great effect
  • master techniques for jazzing up forms using JavaScript—such as creating “multiple path” forms with conditional elements, password strength indicators, and autocompletes, and capturing day and month information

To grab your copy—in print form delivered to your door or as an instantly downloadable PDF—head to:

Remember, order a second book and shipping is free to anywhere in the world!

  • NetNerd85

    … was expecting an article, you could cover whats in that book in an article I have no doubts about that…

  • @NetNerd85 — I’d really encourage you to check out the free sample. It’s two chapters of the book, and I’m confident you’ll realize that it goes into much more depth than an article.

  • imaginethis

    After reading through the sample, I was somewhat disappointed. It seems to me that these 5 chapters could have been reduced to 1 chapter and put in a larger book covering various elements of the design process. I’m not sure the content justifies the cost.

  • @imaginethis – thanks for your input, that’s exactly why we provide a decent sample so you can make your own call. If you personally don’t feel its worth it, then I’m glad you had the opportunity to make an informed decision – before you paid for it. Having said that, we’re getting some good early feedback from people who’ve purchased and read the full version.

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