By Alyssa Gregory

10 Customer Feedback Tools to Help You Improve Your Client Relationships

By Alyssa Gregory

There are many different ways you can ask for and measure client feedback including surveys, informal questionnaires, open discussion, etc., but you can also use more structured tools to get into the heads of your clients, solve problems and improve the way you work.

A well-rounded customer feedback tool can be the perfect way to give your clients a place to voice concerns, ask questions, get information and leave reviews. Here are 10 customer feedback tools to review.


CrowdSound is a social feedback tool that lets your customers vote on suggestions right from your site through a customizable widget. Features include moderation, customization, suggestions and feedback, iPhone compatibility and more.

Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is a popular customer community tool that lets customers and clients create conversations, and build a “social” knowledgebase of information. Notable features include customizable widgets, mobile software, moderation, data export, CRM integration, analytics and more.

Grab Feedback

GrabFeeback lets you collect, manage and analyze your clients feedback so you can resolve problems, improve communication and increase satisfaction. You can view real-time data about how much feedback is given on a daily basis, customize the feedback form, and use a dashboard to analyze customer geography, demographics, gender, browser, etc.


Ideaffect is a feedback community that gives your customers a way to post suggestions or give feedback about your product or service. You can customize the appearance and design, create reports, export data, embed widgets, moderate and more over an SSL connection.


IdeaScale lets you create a conversation within your community to develop ideas as a group. It comes with integration tools such as: iPhone support, wiki support, and Twitter/Facebook integration.



Kampyle is a feedback tool that can be built right into your website and helps you reduce customer attrition, increase conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can view real-time feedback, create graphs, build a dialogue and integrate analytic tools.


RatePoint’s Business Reviews tool provides you with all of the tools you need to collect customer feedback and reviews. You can collect unlimited reviews and testimonials through links, emails, Twitter and Facebook, resolve disputes and improve your business from the feedback you receive.


UserEcho is a customer feedback tool that lets you engage your customers in discussion, organize and tag your feedback, capture votes and more.


UserVoice is a feedback tool for gathering and prioritizing feedback you and your customers can use to get answers, share ideas and learn fast. Features include search-as-you-type functionality, simple sign-up, vote limit, ongoing discussion, widgets and Facebook integration.


Zendesk is a popular help desk tool that can help you build connections with your customers by letting them communicate with you whenever they want, including via email, Twitter, on your website, through your web tools, etc. Features include community forums, a knowledgebase, suggested answers and more.

  • Matt Kelly

    Thank you for including Ideaffect in this article!

    We are very excited about several of our latest features. In particular our integration with Email Service Providers and CRM Packages.

    Our custom login form and private community features have also been very well received as they provide more flexibility and options to facilitate internal ideas.

    Matt Kelly
    Business Development

  • GetMileMarker.com

    http://getmilemarker.com is another great tool for receiving and managing customer feedback and ideas. Not only does MileMarker let companies collect feedback, but MileMaker also provides roadmaps for which ideas should be used next. It’s free to sign up for and can also be used as an idea management tool. MileMarker is your GPS for innovation. Using collaboration and prioritization MileMarker maps out ideas and feedback from your company and customers to show you the road ahead. Learn more about MileMarker at http://getmilemarker.com/features.html

  • Nice list. Customer Feedback is becoming extremely important for website owners nowadays. Especially since everyone is on social networks talking about you! A couple of customer feedback tools missing from this list that go a little deeper, and work really well with Google Analytics are Webreep and Spreadable. Webreep is is more customer feedback management focused, and spreadable is more social focused. Since the Panda update, these tools work best imho.

  • You should also check out http://www.userreport.com/features/feedback-forum/ – UserReport also offers a free website feedback button tool with a complete forum where users can post and vote on ideas. UserReport also offers free online usability and demography survey. The demographic survey results even integrates with Google Analytics. Once you sign up, you can also use the click tracking service with which you get great heat maps and click maps that include demographic information – that is … see where women and men click, young and old click … it’s quite cool, and 100% free!

  • Thanks Alyssa, that’s a comprehensive list of feedback tools and there are a few there that I’ve not heard about so I’ll definitely be checking them out. One tool that we use is http://www.testimonialmonkey.com which looks to be one of the few feedback tools that also has a free option which is useful for smaller companies that want to collect customer reviews but don’t want to spend money on a monthly subscription service.

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